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Kangaroo Ribs Singles

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Kangaroo Ribs Singles – Aussie Dog Treats!

Roo ribs individually ripped, for your dog’s pleasure!

Fact is, there are many ways you can ‘slice and dice’ kangaroo ribs for every specific dog out there, and their chewing habits.

Some big burly dogs prefer the whole rib. When we provide these in the Kg bags, they can vary from between 300g to 80g a rib plate.

Fact is, that many dogs get immense joy from ripping the individual ribs from the cage and having their primal way with them. That is the joy of our natural healthy dog treats – your dog getting great nutrition, and immense fun, from doing what come naturally, primally.

But not every young or old, or small dogs are able to get the kind of grasp to enjoy that whole big ripping process, on the biggest full rib sets.

And that is why, the kangaroo ribs, individually shredded come along.

There is a lot more processing work involved in creating the individual rib product, but the great news, is that they have essentially the same meat content as the full rib plates.

If your dog is inclined to like to rip meat from a bone, and wants organic, clean high quality roo meat for its nutrition, the individual roo rib experience might suit them perfectly.

But as we always say with any treat – observe how your dog eats their treats, and in particular any that are bone based. If they are careful, and rip and chew the meat or complete crunch down the bones – this might just be their thing. If in doubt consult your preferred vet before giving any treat.

INGREDIENTS –  100% Roo ribs individually cut.  NO ADDITIVES, No preservatives, No colouring or anything but love.

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