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Roo Meat Bites

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Another wonderful 100% single ingredient roo treat from us !


But something a little different.  Something perfect to add to your dog treat supplements, dog training or just a luxury reward.

Originally, we have had two types of Roo jerky styles.  The long/ strong type that is one of the harder flat pieces of jerky for dogs to eat and rip, and the small version that is super soft and easy to snap in your hands.  Great for dog training or fast easting for dogs that don’t have strong jaws.

But these are both FLAT style pieces of jerky.  Easy to fit into bags or your pocket (when broken up) –  but not in small whole pieces.

This Roo Jerky BITE product is roughly cut into cubes, but they often end up as pyramids or various sided small morsels of solid 3D enjoyment.  And that is actually a benefit to your dog.  Irregular shapes make your dog think more about how to eat the treat than perfectly pressed / over processed style treats.

They typically have a similar look to the lamb or beef cubes (but those are made from lung material and are much less dense).

It is the higher density (solidity) of these small 3D treats that give your dog a small puzzle to solve. Sure if your dog is a hard chewer, they wont take any time at all in eating these pieces, but they will provide a great protein boost to your dog’s diet.

And while the roo jerky small dog treats are very easy to rip by your hands into smaller pieces, these trets are so small, that you wont even need to do that work.

If you have bought treats from us before, you will know that the vast majority we provide are single ingredient.  That means unlike the big commercial players who spend years in the lab finding how to add the least amount of meat to save money and adding a lot of bad additives like sugars, salt and grains to fool your dogs into enjoying the unnatural ‘taste’, these are the real thing.  The actual kind of meat your dog evolved to eat.

NO additives mean that your dog is very unlikely to have an allergic reaction. Plus kangaroo meat is known as one of the best HYPO-allergenic meats/ dog treats on the market. That means your dog is less likely to scratch or have its organs work harder at getting rid of those additives from its body.

Kangaroo meat benefits

  • Organic (caught in the wild under strict Government quotas)
  • Low fat (assists with keeping body weight and less stress on joints
  • High quality protein – unique profile adds the essential amino acids your dog needs
  • High in Omega 3. The perfect anti-inflammatory that also is used in the brain and heart
  • Highly bio-available. Means your dog will easily use most of the amino acids in the protein, little is wasted.

INGREDIENTS –   100%  Kangaroo Meat.  NO ADDITIVES

For a primal, genuinely healthy dog treat that your dog’s body will NATURALLY crave, try our Kangaroo MEAT Bites.

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