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Kangaroo Jerky Small Pcs

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Small PC 100% kangaroo for all dogs.

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Kangaroo Jerky DOG Treats – Organic & Australian

If you are after 100% Roo jerky meat, this is it.

This is the very easy to break, very easy to eat form or roo jerky !

These small pieces are also much softer and easier for ANY dog to eat. If you want long harder chewing roo jerky – then please select the roo jerky long option ..

Another difference between this treat and our regular Roo Jerky is piece size.  The sizes in this treat range are typically smaller, maybe half the size or smaller, and irregularly shaped rather than the longer thinner strips typical in the Roo jerky long packs.

Some of the pieces are as big as 10 x 5 cm.  But many are half that size or less. Some shapes are cut in rectangular or square shapes, while others are triangular. It is really a ‘mixed bag’.  Some batches are more ‘organic’ in shape.

While some owners will want roo jerky for a longer chew, many owners want roo jerky for a dog food supplement, or for mid or smaller sized dogs.  This treat is ideal for puppies or older dogs who dont have big strong jaws, and because of the small size it is MUCH more economical than our regular jerky (larger pieces) OR our roo jerky long dog treats.

All our roo jerky is thinly sliced, oven dried AND THATS IT! NO added colour, flavour or preservative.  

If you want the best for your dog, and want it in cheap bulk prices, you can’t go past our Roo Jerky pieces in 1 kg bags!

Dogs with pancreatic issues need a low fat diet, and this dog treat is one of the lowest fat, pure dried meat dog treats available.

Additional information

Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 20 cm

1 Kg, 200 g, 500 g