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Chicken Necks – SMOKED

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Aussie Chicken Necks, smoked and very Australian!

This is another HDT 100% single ingredient dog treat – no additives or colouring. Grown and produced in Australia. 99.99% if you include the smoke infusion ….

Sure they have plenty of protein, vitamins and minerals, clean your dog’s teeth, and provide bio available Calcium and phosphorus in the right proportions.  But why chicken necks you ask? Besides being highly affordable.

Raw chicken necks have been the staple of may raw feeders for decades. In fact, I fed my spoodle Archie raw chicken necks for the vast majority of his life – especially in his later years.

So here is a full list for their benefits to your dog.

Good proteins source and vitamins and minerals (vitamins from the chicken meat on the bone) minerals from within the bone. MEAT proteins are always higher bio availability than vegetable matter. So they can balance up the lower value proteins from high vegetable content kibble.

Chicken neck PRIMAL appeal

Dogs in the wild would eat meat, offal and bone. THAT IS A TRUE BALANCED DIET. Many modern dogs miss out on the PRIMAL joy of eating bones.  The reasons given vary, but essentially break down into these two concerns for many owners. Fear that the bone will fragment, and concern that raw bones will pass on risky bacteria.

And this is where smoked chicken necks excel.

They provide your dog with the primal joy, and the COMPLETE nutrition from meat and bone combined, while not having any of the perceived risk of raw meat or large bones that can fragment.

Oven dried and smoked chicken necks are cooked at such temperatures that they kill all bacteria (not just minimise the risk).  And the bones are just the right size for a dog to chomp on and compress or swallow whole (if the dog is larger).

Chicken neck dog treat TEETH CLEANING

Some people buy treats JUST for cleaning their teeth. They often end up buying corporation dental ‘toys’ made of artificial or vegetable matter that their dog would not eat if not for the addition of sugars and salts etc. Those fake dental options have minimum nutritional value, and are completely UNNATURAL.  Chicken necks are like tiny lamb necks, they have enough ridges on the bones, to assist in scraping plaque from teeth, without harming the enamel.

THE NEED FOR BONES –  in the very early days, dog food makers would get away with adding far too many bones to wet dog food – causing the tell tale white stools people used to see. Over supply of calcium is bad for the body.

Then over the last few decades, some manufacturers found it easier to use calcium compounds or salts NOT extracted from bones – because it was cheaper than crushing bones to get the minimum calcium required to legally be called dog food. Again, this form of calcium is sometimes not the ‘chelated’ kind that your dog needs.

Dogs require a certain amount of calcium and Phosphorus, from a bio available source, in a 1:1 ratio.

This ratio just happens to be what is readily available from bones. It is also the aafco ratio requirement for these two elements in dog food. So it makes sense, if you are feeding your dog kibble and any other treats (non-bone) that might reduce the amount of calcium that a dog is getting, that you top them up with a few chicken necks, with calcium and phosphorus in the right proportions!


To a lesser extent chicken necks serve a similar purpose to shark cartilage. The cartilage or the ‘connective tissue’ between bones in the neck contain the glucosamine and chondroitin that dogs require to maintain or rebuild their own cartilage. If your dog is very mobile, or older, or the breed has a propensity to hip or knee issues, using a natural ANIMAL based joint support FOOD, covers all bases.

WHY SMOKED chicken neck?

Because some dogs say they taste better.

CAUTIONS – for the majority of dog owners, these are not an issue.  But if your dog is a ferocious eater (inhales rather than chews) you might need to supervise them eating these, as bones can obstruct airways when a dog is very small or your dog tries to eat a large chicken neck whole.

Also be aware that these treats are relatively high in fat. The fat can be as high as 20%, as are some kibbles. But if your dog is on a LOW fat diet – these are NOT the treat for them. If you are after an excellent joint support option for your dog, we would recommend you consider shark cartilage or green lipped muscles.


Typical size –  5 to 10 cm long, by 15 – 20 mm diameter

NUTRITION ANALYSIS:    Crude protein approx. 50%, Crude fat 20-25%, Crude fibre 2-5%

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