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Shark Cartilage

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Tasty chew in a fish variety ..

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Shark Cartilage Dog treats 

Shark Cartilage (SC) is a very healthy dog treat. In fact, its about as perfect as nature can make it for several core reasons.

  • SC as a high value joint supplement
  • SC as a joint pain and mobility PREVENTATIVE Medicine
  • SC as a good chew and TEETH CLEANING treat
  • SC as a LOW KJ treat

How big is regular shark cartilage sticks for dogs?

This is a very random question, because we typically receive the sticks cut down to about 15 cm in length, but they vary in diameter from about 4 mm to up to 40 mm. We limit that to about 10 mm in the regular packs.

Because we realize that isn’t ideal chewing for EVERY size dog, we ensure that the shark cartilage sticks are separated by size. The regular sized sticks (the ones sold on this specific page, are filtered to be typically under about 10 mm in diameter. If  you want larger, simply select the Shark Cartilage WIDE version.

If you get some sticks in your order that are larger than you think your dog wants to tackle, you can crush the sticks down with any physical tool you want. As long as you don’t heat them, crushing will NOT affect the brilliant nutritional value they provide, it will just make the sticks much easier to consume.

In fact our supplier mills the sticks down into various grades of grain/ powder for those dogs that can only eat it when it is essentially in powder form. We sell that on our site in both :

What about my BIG CHEWING DOGS shark cartilage needs?

Well of course any sized dog can eat any sized cartilage sticks as long as they can chew them down appropriately. Most dogs chew from one end to the other breaking off little lengths as they go.  We don’t sell this as the ultimate dog chewing treat, but if you want your dog to take a little more time with it, or they get more satisfaction from big chewing we also provide a < BIG shark cartilage stick >

If you are not sure about what size is exactly appropriate for your dog please consider buying the small packs first.

Shark cartilage dog treats NUTRITION GUIDE

This is the MAIN reason people buy shark cartilage for their dogs.

And the reason that you don’t have to believe its magic or hype is to understand that two of the main eight alkaloids found in shark cartilage are the ones extracted by human medicine companies to provide joint support for humans

  • Glucosamine
  • Chondroitin

The main difference between human grade, vet canisters and the SOURCE of this miracle joint support is packaging and COST to you.  Shark cartilage is typically the best and greatest source of the chemicals that PREVENT joint problems and SUPPORT your joints ongoingly.

It helps maintain or grow the cartilage between your dogs bones AND improves the viscosity of the liquid between those joints. (see article links below).

You can either pay for a fancy extraction process, and very nice packaging at several times the cost of our sticks OR you can get ALL of the goodness from the ORGINAL SOURCE of these chemicals in their most NATURAL form to benefit yoru dogs movement and ease or prevent their pain.

Besides the joint support chemicals, a dog will appreciate this as a good source of NAUTAL ANIMAL BSASED calcium as well as it providing Omega 3 (the best anti-inflammatory for your dog)

  • Full details of ingredient value
  • Full detail about AMOUNTS to use for your specific dog

Shark Cartilage Typical analysis:  Protein 51%, Fat 2%. Fibre 1.4%, Salt < 1.0%

Why would your dog specifically use shark cartilage?

The only other leading joint support dog treat In the world is Green lipped mussels. While these are easier to eat for most dogs, and contain more of the active ingredients per gram, they are also about DOUBLE the retail cost – even for what we can supply!

If you want to mix it up a bit and splurge for a little more luxury for your dog, please consider alternating GLMs as your dog’s joint support go to treat/ natural medicine.

What about Shark Cartilage as a preoccupying treat?

If your dog has trouble with eating small raw bones or large land based animal bones, then shark cartilage is the way to go.

Because it is a natural animal based treat, its going to be more suitable to your dog’s nutrition and digestion than ANY plant based object.  Its not the hardest treat we have by far.  If you want something super hard then please view our LONG CHEWING treat category and consider something like cow hooves.

BUT if you want to give your dogs jaw a slight work out, clean their teeth AND give them one of the best joint Natural (high potency) things on earth (besides green lipped mussels) then regular shark cartilage or our Shark Cartilage WIDE options are a great safe way to go.

How chewy? If you would like to see our exclusive video of a dog eating these treats please click the link in the lower left column of this site (HDT dog treat videos)

Bruce’s personal testimonial on Shark Cartilage

And for a personal testimonial my dog Archie spoodle at about age 10 started going lame on our morning off lead dog pack walks. The walks plus his meat based diet are the main things I daily do to improve his health and quality of life.  Only after the lameness did I do my own research and work out how many sticks DAILY I would need to give him to have a chance of him recovering.  To reduce pain to improve his gait, even have him run again.

It only took about a week of 2-3 small shark cartilage sticks in the morning after his off lead runs to have him overcome the arthritis in his front knew that vet x-rays revealed.  And as of 2021 (3 years on) I have rarely seen Archie misstep or have that old dog struggle getting up off his house bed.

Yes I am a 100% convert and believe that the 50% of dogs that might show a profound benefit from eating shark cartilage (according to some research journals) might be a big under estimate.

Where do shark cartilage dog treats come from?

The sharks are fished under license in Australian waters and are predominantly gummy shark.

Sharks are protected under a quota system in Australia, with the bulk of the meat going to the Australian restaurant and cafe/ fish shop trade.

The shark cartilage in these treats is the ‘skeletal’ system in the shark fin. While the shark fin itself is often exported OS for human consumption at many times the value of the shark cartilage itself, it is the shark cartilage only that has this miracle joint support value.

Shark Cartilage is considered low value (and very low demand) for human consumption (since people prefer to pay a high price at the chemist for their joint support medicines), but high value to dog health, using natural shark cartilage  IS the most sustainable, useful use of it.


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