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Kangaroo Jerky STRONG

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Long chewing 100% roo meat treat

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Kangaroo Jerky STRONG –  The next level treat, 100% roo meat

Unless you have tried our Kangaroo jerky STRONG, you might not know why its one of our best sellers.  We call this next level dog treat, because its as close to perfect (meat product) as we sell.

We have only just changed the name from LONG to STRONG to better reflect the shape that most of our suppliers provide this fantastic product in.  It used to be quite long, up to 50 cm sometimes, but of late (in 2023) this treat is typically only 10 – 15 cm. It varies with season and specific species but the one thing we know will consistently separate this from the roo jerky small treat, is that this is much harder, single piece cuts. It is mostly from the ‘belly’ cut, making it a much STRONGER (longer chew), than the small version.

The shape can vary a lot because of the specific harvest, subspecies or supplier cutting day.  But the core meat that we sell in specific weights will always remain the same.

We do not discourage people from buying our other kangaroo treats, as they all serve a purpose.  Which we will explain below.

This roo jerky treat’s purpose is very simple. To  provide maximum clean meat dog nutrition (clean organic amino acids), in a relatively long (for a jerky) chewing package.

Kangaroo Jerky Dog treat MAIN BENEFITS

Kangaroo jerky is:

  • organic   /   low allergenic
  • High chewability
  • Low to Mid level Fat-  ( not as low as roo jerky small pieces as this is a belly cut)
  • High essential amino acids  /  Beneficial oils (high in Omega 3 from meat, not vegetable).

ROO JERKY – ORGANIC & Hypo allergenic.

Kangaroos are harvested in the wild on a govt sanctioned quota system. It keeps the remaining herds healthy and provides a valuable resource to humans and dogs alike. For the last 20 year approximately only one third of the quota has been achieved meaning that population numbers allowed in the cull are very strong still.

Kangaroo meat is hypo-allergenic because it is hormone and additive free, and it’s a meat that many dogs haven’t been exposed to for a long period. A novel protein that is very unlikely to have your dog have a negative reaction is always welcomed.

Kangaroo jerky dog treats  LONG chewability

This treat is simply 100% kangaroo roo meat, dried in one piece, and packed and sent to you.  That means that you will see the muscle texture run through the meat, and keep it together as your dog tries to tear the strips apart.

While ANY meat treat won’t take the biggest chewing dogs an incredibly long time to rip apart, most small and medium sized dogs will be primarily entertained for quite a while shredding it down.  If you need harder or longer chewing treats in the Kangaroo category we have that sorted in the list below

Here is the order from Kangaroo dog treats soft to hardest:

  • Roo sticks, roo meat balls and crinkles
  • Roo Tubes
  • Roo jerky small
  • Roo Jerky LONG
  • Roo cartilage and roo tendon
  • Roo Tail pieces (tips) /  Roo Lumbar bone
  • Roo bones  (roo clod)

Kangaroo Jerky – Low to Mid level Fat

If you are after low fat kangaroo jerky, the small piece version we sell, typically cut from the leg is suitable for most dogs on a low fat diet.

Roo jerky long is cut from the belly.  Because it has slightly higher fat content (but still lower than beef or chicken) and the cut is thicker and longer … it is also a good hard chew.  The slightly higher fat content is also very rich in Omega 3, which is vital for dog brain and skin condition.


Kangaroo JERKY in Long form is 100% Kangaroo meat simply dried +  packed. They are the KING of Premium Healthy dog treats!

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