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Kangaroo Cartilage

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100% organic roo dog treat savings

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Kangaroo Cartilage – 100% Australian Dog Chews

Kangaroo Knee Cartilage dog treats, also known as Roo dog treat chews, are the ideal chewing for small to medium sized dogs. Any sized dog can eat them, but a large dog is just as likely to chew once and swallow them.

Size wise Kangaroo Cartilage treats are usually about 15g (anywhere between 8 & 15g) and often between 4-6cm long.  They might be about 10-20cm thick, but as they have a kind of seed shape giving the exact dimensions is difficult.

While a lot of people like the idea of using Kangaroo as a resource in Australia, low amounts of actual meat in commercial dog food means that even if you buy product that says it has kangaroo meat in it, it is likely to be a small amount, of the small amount of total meat included in the food. For instance, if a dog food is sold as A roo meat feed, it typically has about 30 – 40% meat in it at most. And that meat can include by-product and offal. Dog food doesn’t have to give the percentage on the label so ingredient splitting can make it seem like it has more meat in it than it actually does.

Then if there is a single meat ingredient after the Kangaroo meat on the label, it can be almost the same amount as the kangaroo, meaning that the kangroo meat has already fallen to 20% maximum.  If there are two non-kangaroo meats listed after Kangaroo on the label, then you might only be getting close to one third of 30 or 40% of the meat included in the dog food.

THAT is a big part of why we sell 100% Meat based treats – so you know how much of the high quality protein you are actually getting !

The video below shows how for a small to medium sized, medium chewing dog – that Kangaroo cartilage can present a good chewing challenge. Even though the pieces are small, they are hard and hold together well.

The reason that Kangaroo Cartilage is particularly special for most dogs, is that its typically a bit cheaper than Roo tendons, and usually not as hard to get (ie we can keep supply open to you. Often Roo cartilage and the bulb of the roo tendon can look quite similar to the untrained eye.  Roo cartilage tends to be a little harder than the bulb of the tendon giving all dogs a little more of a challenge to eat it, which is ideal when using this treat as an occupier treat.

Kangaroo Cartilage dog treat BENEFITS

  • Good challenge for small to medium dogs.
  • Cost effective for a harder treat
  • 100% Kangaroo part (not composite)
  • Low to medium in fat
  • No Additives or colouring – just oven dried

The fat content of this treat is interesting in that most kangaroo parts are low in fat, particularly things like roo jerky small. But that pure meat is from the leg and is quite brittle and easy to eat. If you see surface fat on any roo treat, be aware that it is composed of a high percentage of ‘good fat’ Omega 3. We rarely see fat on roo cartilage, making them fine for most dogs on a medium to low-fat diet.

When buying these treats its worthwhile to know how they fit into the full spectrum of roo dog treats, for chewing / occupying etc.  Kangaroo leg bones are one of the hardest bones known to dogs. Roo lumbar bones are great for cleaning teeth and giving dogs great nutrition, while Roo tail tips are a healthy substitute for bully sticks.

Roo cartilage tends to be the next kangaroo part under these longer chewing dog treats being the head of the medium chewing dog treats section. Then you have things like roo tendons and roo jerky small for the very easy kangaroo chewing treats.

INGREDIENTS:  100% Kangaroo Cartilage (NO ADDITIVES).

Always supervise your dog when eating treats or food.

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