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SUPER JNR rotation treats

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A healthy rotation of the 3 excellent dog subscription box treat sets.

From $64.25 / month


SUPER JNR Rotation Treats – Dog Monthly DOG Subscription Boxes

100% single ingredient treats.

The title might seem a little complex, but here is the simple explanation.  We just simply rotate through the three packs of JNR treat boxes during your six month or 12 month subscription.

For example, if someone buys in early January, JAN we send out the first treat box “GOOD CHEWS “,  Feb clients get “this little Piggy”, March is Aussie Jnr box month.  Then we start the rotation again, April is ‘Good Chews’ month etc.

If you believe that variety is the spice of life, and your dog loves EVERY animal-based treat we provide in these packs, then this selection is for you.

And since the treats typically have a 6- 12 month shelf life (in pantry conditions), you can even leave some of the first month treats over to use in the second month and so on.

You might choose to top up your treat pantry mid-month with Kg or 500g packs of your favourites, but this way, you know that you will always have something coming, EVERY month for your dog!

THE Dog Subscription box SPECIFICS

The ingredients section below goes through the treats that will be provided month to month, to month.

If you join us after the second month of treats are being sent out (this little piggy), then you will receive the ‘Aussie jnr’ pack as your first treats box and your rotation will start in that part of the order.

As you will see there is a LOT of variety in the treats and they are 100% single ingredient treats.  Shark cartilage for joint health, chewing and teeth cleaning.  Lots of jerkies (chicken, beef and roo) for animal protein supplementation and good chewing.  The piggy box is great for additional chewing when they are just ingesting their treats a little fast.

The only treat that is repeated out of the three boxes is the kangaroo Jerky, and for good reason. Besides being organic and low allergy, it is also very low fat so that you can provide this treat knowing its going to have low KJ for in between meal snacks or even when added to a main meal.


These three subscription box packs are ROTATED each month, ensuring maximum variety to your dog:

You will get one of the following boxes each month (on the 6 mth or 12 mth subscription) depending on when you have ordered)

GOOD CHEWS Ingredients:  Shark Cartilage 200g, , ROO CART 200g, ROO JERKY sml 200g

This little Piggy  Ingredients:  AUS PIGS EARS x 4, PIG SNOUT 200g, Pork ROLLS x 6

AUSSIE JNR Ingredients:   Aus chicken 200g, Aus Beef 200g , Aus Roo SMALL 200g


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