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Sardines Dog Treats

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Ideal healthy fish treat

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Sardine Dog Treats Australian, Organic 

100% sardine just slow dried in ovens. preservative and additive free !

Because they are small fish, carefully dried to remove most moisture they can be delicate in transport and some crumbling will occur. These sardine dog treats are a fast nutritous snack, not a long chew, and as they are sold be weight any crumbling that does occur still means you receive the full weight you purchased … just in a slightly easier to eat form ..

Sardines like our other fish treats and roo treats are organic by the nature of their environment (the open sea).  The primary use for  sardines is a nice clean protein for dogs (meat based and bio available) and good quality Omega 3.  Note though, even though sardines are high in Omega 3, their overall fat content is considered too high for dogs with pancreatitis or on a very low fat diet.

Our sardine dog treats are ‘firmish’ and whole (the variety sold in 2021).  They are about 10 cm long . They are easy eating for ALL dogs.

The reason that you will choose our sardine dog treats over canned varieties is that high volume human grade canaries often use high heat treatment in their process, destroying many of the enzymes and nutritional value of their product.

Many experts tout the primary value of sardines as its omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA  value) but they are also very rich in

  • Vitamin B12  (cardiovascular well-being)
  • Vitamin D and Phosphorous  (both strengthening the bone matrix)

Sardines are rich in protein, which provides the kind of essential amino acids that are fully bio available to dogs (carnivore digestive systems favouring meat proteins to vegetable based proteins).

Note since we began selling the most excellent sardine dog treats, they have come in thin fillet, butterfly cut, and whole versions. The video below is for a thin fillet style, but you can get the idea of the enjoyment it gives to Mr Archie.

Typical analysis (from Food sites):  Protein 24%, Fat 11.5% (Saturated Fat 2.6, Polyunsaturated Fat 2.7g, monounsaturated Fat 4.8g (of which 3g is Omega 3&6), Cholesterol 77mg, Potassium 419mg,  zero carbs.



How much sardines can I give my dog?

The amount of Sardines For Dogs depends on their size and overall diet. Typically, one or two small sardines can be suitable for a medium-sized dog. However, when offering Sardines Dog Treats from Healthy Dog Treats, it’s essential to follow the feeding instructions on the packaging or consult your veterinarian to ensure an appropriate serving size for your pet.

Are canned sardines safe for dogs?

Canned sardines can be safe for dogs in water without added salt or other harmful ingredients. While Sardines Dog Treats from Healthy Dog Treats provide a controlled and quality option, always check the label for added preservatives or flavourings if considering canned variants.

Is it OK to feed my dog sardines everyday?

While sardines are nutritious, offering Sardines For Dogs every day might lead to an imbalance in their diet, especially if they consume other sources of fish or omega-3 fatty acids. Introducing variety is crucial. Thus, it’s a good idea to provide Sardines Dog Treats a few times a week rather than daily to maintain a balanced diet.

Are sardines easy to digest for dogs?

Yes, sardines are easy to digest for most dogs. The skin, coat, and general health are all benefited by their high omega-3 fatty acid content. Due to their soft bones and flesh, sardines in Sardines For Dogs treats from “Healthy Dog Treats” can be easily broken down and absorbed, making them a nutritious and digestible treatment option.

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