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100% Squid Bulk savings

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Australian SQUID Dog Treats, Organic!

OUR SQUID dog treats is  just 100% squid. Nothing added, nothing taken away.

To allay all dog owner fears. SQUID Jerky is perfectly safe for dogs. Consider it just like any other clean fish protein.

The uniqueness comes in its texture and presentation. This treat comes in a very flat and flexible, almost rubbery feel. This makes it very easy to cut if you want, or for any dog to have fun tearing apart.

Squid Jerky can differ in size (whole, small pieces, large pieces), with or without tentacles, and vary from colour from light tan to dark brown.

Often it arrives with a light ‘dusty’ colour on the surface, which is a natural part of the drying process.

This variance in colour/ size is due to seasonality of the catch (ie the specific species caught), and different drying methods required for different thicknesses of the squid.  They are ALL healthy for your dog.  They are NOT meant as a major chewing treat, just added tasty nutrition. So the size of the specific batch we get is not an issue, the good clean meat based protein is what is important for your dog!

Because of the speed of turn over of small batches, we might not update photos of the specific new squid batch every time a different size or colour comes in.  Please understand this when ordering. We prefer providing fast fresh catches than the exact same look every time.  And we sell squid by WEIGHT not size of the individual squid, so you will always get the same value.

Other companies might add preservatives and colouring and wheat or glycerine and cut their squid into more profitable affairs. You will always get the genuine product with us.  Whether that be whole, part, light or dark brown, it is 100% squid !

Note, batches of squid come in many different shapes and colours.  Rest assured that its always AUSTRALIAN squid … and Archie approved (see video below) !

Why do you want 1 Kg of Squid dog treats.

Well obviously there is the savings, but it is likely that after your dog has tried them, they will want many more. My dog found these probably as attractive or more so than as his favourite meat dog treats. Just keep them in pantry conditions to keep them in their best shape.

You will notice that the image of these treats has a sumptuous brown sheen to the treat. Differing drying temperatures are responsible for the deep colour and luster.

Its worth remembering that Meat protein is the best thing for your dog, and really assists most dogs on a grain or vegetable diet (the bulk of commercial dog food).   And if you feed dogs a lot of meat in their diet, feeding them something more rare, to give them a different protein profile is also very useful for assisting their health.

Because your dog might rarely eat squid (I am guessing) its also hypo-allergenic. (ie not cause them a bad skin or body reaction).  A small amount of loose stools can happen with ANY change in your dog food or treats. especially when a new Protein is used.

Because your dog is eating a small sea creature, any concerns you might have about large long living sea creatures and heavy metals is also solved.  These squid tend to be relatively small and young and are just ones diverted from human food sea catch, to the dog treat chain.  You are exceptionally lucky that we are able to source these for now !

These squid dog treats are chewy and pliable,  if they dry out they will become more brittle but not dangerous to eat.  They are 100% and dried well so they will last anywhere between 6-12 months in pantry conditions.

This is Archie at 15 years of age, managing ripping the squid to eat …

Squid Nutrition Data

Mineral composition :  They are high in Phosphorous, Copper and Selenium.

The squid are also high in Vitamin C, Riboflavin and vitamin B12 (good for dog energy).

Protein wise they are likely to be about 45% by dry weight (ie 10% water).  And typically 733 KJ per 100g (that is the value we found on the nutritiondata site).

They have up to 18% fat (when only 10% water content is figured in)  Which is higher than some of our other fish treats but below sardine. However just like Sardine they are low in Saturated fat and high in Omega 3

You should note that out of 100g of squid jerky (at 10% water) is likely to have around:  Omega 3 (DHA) plus Omega 6 (EPA) amounts add up to 5.3 grams or  5,300 mg.  Noting that in 1 capsule of Salmon fish oil (1 ml) there is typically only 180 mg Omega 6 and 120 mg Omega 3 = 300 mg total.  That means that 100g of squid can have up to the equivalent of about 17.6 fish oil capsules!   Even rounding that off at half – means a super great Omega 3 boost for your dog !

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