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Mackerel fish skin twists

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100% grey Mackerel – the good oil!

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Mackerel Skin Twists Dog Treats (100% Australian)

This SINGLE INGREDIENT  (Scomberomorus Semifasciatus fish ) 100% grey mackerel skin twist dog treat is delicious and healthy for dogs.  Also known as Spanish mackerel.

They are caught wild in Australian waters – and sustainably sourced with Australian monitored quotas.

Nutritionally Fish skins have a high amount of COLLAGEN type 2 – that is great for joint support – COLLAGEN INFORMATION 

 This healthy dog treat is simply composed of mackerel skin twisted together and dried.

No additives colouring or anything else that would spoil this great small and medium sized dog chewing treat.

Mackerel is loaded with Wild Omega 3 oil, one of the highest to be found in fish off Australian waters. This means as your dog is occupied chewing this treat, they are getting a great boost of Omega 3, ideal for their brain, heart, joints and even their coat!

These pieces are typically 15 – 20 cm long and a few cm side, and are loosely wrapped compared to some of the fish skins we have sold.  They can weigh between 20- 50g per piece, so you get quite a few in even the small satchels.

They wont provide a big chewing challenge for big robust dogs, but most medium and smaller dogs should enjoy unraveling this flavour-some treat. If you have a very young or old dog, or one with poor chewing ability, these treats might provide a little too much of a challenge or them ..  but we definitely class them as a medium chewing treat

These fish are relatively high in fat – and even though it’s a lot of the good fat (omega 3) – dogs on a low calorie diet or with pancreatitis issues should not consume this. You can use Ling fish skins or shark cartilage instead …

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