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Lamb Cube POWDER

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Lamb Cube POWDER – Aussie Dog Treats!

Lamb dog treats are a very funny beast in Australia. because of its high demand in the human food chain, rarely do you see anything like affordable (or in existence) pure lamb jerky dog treats.

As one of the best MEAT toppers around, we have POWDERED the lamb cubes !   NOTHING ADDED !

Our driers have been using Lamb cubes for years, to great success. These luscious cubes are great, because they are so light and airy, and make a big crunch for any size dog to eat.  But with great airiness comes great LOW DENSITY treats, and bigger postage costs.  Plus many people just want a quality meat protein topper,  not a treat …

That is where the Lamb Lung POWDER comes into play for you and your loved ones (dogs).

These are just lamb cubes, crushed down into POWDER.  Still a 100% single ingredient.

A perfect dog food topper one might say.

But more than that. While technically an animal offal, because the cubes are just dried lung material, they essentially have the same protein values as lamb jerky – but with much less fat (typically) and cost.

You wont have to worry about the lamb being ‘too rich’ for your dog.  The only reason that you might want to start your dog off slowly on this great new product, is that chances are, if they have ever eaten any dog food or dog treats before that say they are lamb based, they are getting well below 50% actual lamb – whereas this product is 100% LAMB !

INGREDIENTS –  100% Lamb lung dried.  NO ADDITIVES, No preservatives, No colouring or anything but love.

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