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Chicken Feet dog treat

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Crunchy whole single ingredient high in collagen and glucosamine

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Chicken Feet Dog Treats Australian Product

100% single ingredient Australian Chicken feet WHOLE product.

Chicken feet are often bought as a curiosity, or because owner think that they might be a great occupier for small to medium sized dogs, but they are MUCH more than that.

We have listed the nutritional break down of what 100g of wet chicken feet contain as presented for human consumption at the bottom of this article.

Chicken feet are mostly connective tissue that is: skin, cartilage, tendons, and bones. They also have a good amount of protein, minerals and vitamins and NO carbs.

With 70% of their total protein content (18% protein in raw chicken foot version) being collagen They are also an excellent supplemental source of Joint support. Fish skins, chicken feet and bone broth are the best natural sources of the right TYPE 2 collagen that dogs need to help build their joint cartilage.

Chicken feet also have around 30% cartilage. Chicken foot cartilage is about 5% glucosamine. Or around 450mg of glucosamine per chicken foot. And like other forms of cartilage like shark cartilage sticks, the contain a good dose of chondroitin as well.

DOG specific benefits

While chicken feet provide the above nutrition vale to dogs and humans alike, it’s often the chewing and occupier things that owners appreciate as much about them.

Yes they provide excellent joint support via collagen, glucosamine and chondroitin, but they also provide a good TEETH cleaning and occupier treat for young and older dogs.  The bones are typically big enough not to be a hazard issue like chicken wing bones can be.

People loved eating croc feet, but chicken feet are a great whole treat alternative, that also include bone, meat and skin – as well as the ample collagen aspects. Because these treats are natural animal product they are highly bio available – easy to digest and nothing wasted for  your dog.

The only pieces that will pass through are likely to be the small claws which act as any non digestible fibre, helping keep the surface of the intestine clean.


SINGLE INGREIDENT PRODUCT.  NO additives (ie no added preservatives, additives or colours)

These are the indicative WET chicken feet values provided by nutrition self data website.  THEY are NOT from a tested batch sample of dried chicken feet.

NOTE these values are for WET chicken feet, where as dried version is considerably less than 67% water in raw feeti.  So at around 10% water for dried treats the nutrition is more likely to be applicable to a 60g sample of feet (sans water).

  • 100g WET chicken feet
  • ENERGY = 586 KJ
  • Protein 18%
  • FAT 7.6%

Major vitamins:  55 IU Vitamin A, 0.4 mg Vitamin E, Riboflavin 0.1 mg, Niacin 0.4 mg, 0.1mg Vitamin B6 ,  0.4 mg Pantothenic Acid, 17 mg Choline

  • Major minerals: 2128 mg Calcium,  2 mg iron, 769 mg phosphorus, 125 mg sodium,  1.6 mg zinc.
  • 67% WATER
  • 0 Carbs

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