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GOAT LIVER – 100% single ingredient, Aussie dog treats!

Goat liver is a wonderful supplemental treat.  For use as a reward at home, or a training treat. Like beef liver, this is very easy to snap into small pieces, and with a strong taste and smell, most dogs love it.

Like humans, many dogs get bored with the same treat all of the time, so that is also a good reason to mix it up with your regular liver treat.

Goat jerky prices can be prohibitive, so we hold goat heart instead.  Goat heart is a non-secreting organ, so it acts like and has a protein profile very similar to goat meat. Goat liver however is a secreting organ so it has a few extra special minerals and vitamins above and beyond meats.

Liver tends to be one of the highest nutritional value foods anyone, and any dog can eat. Because it has the essential amino acid profile of the meat it is associated with PLUS those extra minerals and vitamins.  This is why it works especially well with dogs, who on a commercial diet, are lucky to get 30-40% meat (of questionable sources) in their diet.

It also has a strong smell (ideal for smell driven dogs who have over 10,000 times the ‘smell ability’ when the amount of smell sensors and brain capacity specific to smell are coupled together) and strong flavour (ideal for dogs who have one sixth the taste buds of humans )

As a bonus goat liver is typically MEDIUM IN FAT, (ie around the same level as beef or chicken jerkies) meaning that it can be used for dogs on a regular kilojoule diet.

Goat liver is VERY LOW in carbs, meaning that dogs with diabetes can pretty much eat unlimited amounts.  The only proviso is reducing the amount of equivalent weight kibble so that your dog’s overall energy input is the same.

Having low carbs (simple sugars), also means that its Glycaemic index is VERY LOW (ZERO), so they wont have energy burst spikes that can affect mood and cause issues for the dogs kidneys.


Goat liver is very easy for any dog to eat.

Tables shown in the appendix show how goat liver easily exceeds most requirements for nutrition in dog food.  In fact, they exceed it so much, that is why it is a brilliant supplement for dogs – particularly for essential amino acids that they might require in regular commercial dog food.

The main issue, as with most livers, is their very high vitamin A level suggests their ‘richness’ means that for most medium dogs the max amount of goat liver per day should not exceed 20g.  This is because fat soluble vitamins can not be easily flushed from the body, like water soluble vitamins (like vitamin B series), and can lead to loose stools if excessive amounts are regularly given.

This also means that goat liver dog treats, can last a long time, and provide a very valuable nutrition resource for your dog, a very affordable, and necessary one !


INGREDIENT =  100% single ingredient GOAT LIVER.  No additives

Typical analysis:   Metabolizable Energy: 450 kcal /100g,  Protein: 56 g/100g,   Fat: 13 g/100g



The following tables show the values of Goat liver for the major nutrition areas of protein (essential amino acids,  vitamins and minerals.

We convert the raw nutrition data for raw goat liver at nearly 68% water down to 10% water (typical amount of water in dried treats – and compare that to the aafco minimum values for dog on a maintenance diet.

Goat breeds vary and drying an affect some of the nutrients, however we believe that the amount that goat liver exceeds most requirements of the affco tables shows how valuable this treat really is for your dog.


NUTRIENT Amount Unit
Protein 56.9 g
Fat 13.4 g
Energy 451.4 kcal




Amino Acid GOAT LIVER  (g/100g protein) ADJ 10% WATER GOAT LIVER BIO AVAIL GOAT LIVER EFFECIVE AVAIL (per 100g) AFFCO Dog Minimum Levels
ARGININE 1.101 3.01 0.97 2.9 0.51
Histidine 0.281 0.77 0.97 0.7 0.8
Isoleucine 0.556 1.52 0.95 1.4 0.4
Leucine 0.876 2.40 0.85 2.0 0.6
Lysine 1.237 3.38 0.9 3.0 1.1
Methionine + Cystine 0.621 1.70 0.8 1.4 0.3
Phenylalanine + Tyrosine 0.612 1.67 0.85 1.4 0.6
Threonine 0.41 1.12 0.75 0.8 0.6
Tryptophan 0.243 0.66 0.7 0.5 0.2
Valine 0.623 1.70 0.95 1.6 0.8
TOTALS       15.9 5.91



Mineral Goat liver  RAW (mg) / 100g ADJ  for 10% Water mg/ 100g GOAT LIVER DRIEd EQUIV in Affco units UNIT AAFCO  Adult MIN
Calcium 11 30.1 0.30 % 0.5
Copper 3.7 10.1 101.22 mg/kg 7.3
Iron 6.6 18.1 180.55 mg/kg 40
Magnesium 26 71.1 0.71 % 0.06
Manganese 0.4 1.1 10.94 mg/kg 5
Phosphorus 315 861.7 8.62 % 0.4
Potassium 263 719.5 7.19 % 0.6
Selenium 48.1 131.6 1315.81 mg/kg 0.35
Sodium 76 207.9 2.08 % 0.08
Zinc 9.1 24.9 248.94 mg/kg 80


GOAT LIVER Vitamins (per 100g)

Vitamin GOAT LIVER adj for 10% WATER Unit GOAT LIVER in AFFCO UNITS   AAFCO MIN dog maint-enance amount AAFCO MAX
Vitamin A 6113.98 IU 61140 IU/kg 5000 250000
Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) 0.47 mg 5 mg/kg 2.25
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 3.67 mg 37 mg/kg 5.2
Vitamin B3 (Niacin) 31.19 mg 312 mg/kg 13.6
Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid) 4.10 mg 41 mg/kg 12
Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) 1.12 mg 11 mg/kg 1.5



USDA Food Composition Database

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