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Grain Free hi meat nibble

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Beef NIBBLE Dog Treats (Ingredients and manufacturer in Australia)

Beef NIBBLE dog treats are made from 60% plus Australian chicken AND BEEF meat  and 15% beef liver as the main animal portions. This means that meat and offal make up 70% plus of this treat, BEFORE BAKING. Thus, the percentage of animal protein only increases once dried.

The size of these beef nibbles are: 15 mm long, by 10 mm diameter

Beef, Chicken, beef Liver and other ingredients are sourced from approved domestic and export meat processors.

Because most commercial dog foods have either beef or chicken as their primary ingredients, dogs are quite used to this taste. Combining the beef and chicken meats makes this a very delicious treat, and makes them affordable.

The addition of beef liver boosts Vitamin A levels and iron significantly. This is the reason that they are one of our best value dogs treats around.

The other value of these treats is that the Beef liver inclusion also boosts the dog desirably of this treat because even at the lower levels, is particularly pungent to your dog’s excellent sense of smell. That is the secret of these meat Nibbles being so irresistible to MOST dogs, and also of value for dog training.

Beef Nibbles also contain some added food grade colour and a small amount of preservative to ensure you receive it in perfect shape.

Great as a food supplement, a dog training aid or in dog treat balls. Reward your dog with something healthy!

Typical ingredients: Chicken Meat, Beef Meat (60% combined meat dry weight) Beef Liver, Water, salt, sugar, Maltitol syrup, potassium sorbate (preservative). Colour (iron oxide)

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