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70% chicken & Grain Free !

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Chicken Nibbles Dog Treats

Chicken NIBBLE dog treats are made from approximately 60% Australian Chicken meat (MDM) sourced in Australia.  This means that each little plug of meat goodness is around TWICE the meat content in most commercial dog foods.

Size wise these nibbles are typically 15 mm long, by 10 mm diameter

The chicken NIBBLES are made with other ingredients purely for the benefit of your dog. The treat is GRAIN FREE with the second highest ingredient added before drying being Potato starch at only 10%,

This oven dried Chicken Nibbles dog treat is not only chewy and tasty but one of the best value dogs treats around. It pretty much replaces the meat balls we used to stock that didn’t have anywhere near the meat content, and had wheat grain NOT potato starch like these excellent nibbles!

For freshness’s sake only, the chicken NIBBLES have an additional minuscule amount of naturally occurring preservative ‘potassium sorbate.

They are a great size for young and old dogs alike, great as just a go to treat, or even dog training. If you find them too big just cut them in half.

Typical Ingredients: CHICKEN Meat (60% meat ), Potato starch, water, salt, sugar, Maltitol syrup, potassium sorbate (preservative); colour (102),

Note before baking, this product has around 12% water. That means after baking that the percentage of MEAT increases on this exceptionally high amount!

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