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Beef Jerky PRIME

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The Top Shelf Beef Jerky chew

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At first view, all beef jerkies might appear to be the same. And you will know this when you see all of the different shapes in this pack !

With every batch, the shapes change but what remains the same is that this is TOPSIDE steak, and very easy to break into smaller pieces, with a similar texture and ease of eating of Roo Jerky Small pieces. If you want harder chewing, then the regular Beef Jerky is for you1

Almost everyone sells “beef Jerky” for dogs, but a big point of difference is that this actually cuts of MEAT from the cow, not flattened esophagus or trachea or similar. You will also appreciate buying from us if you are after trustworthiness (we have been around since 2011), and the service, and of course price considerations. Even our advice is more accurate and specific than most companies.

But with Human grade Beef increasing in price by 50% over the last five years (2018-2023) , you will find that the ONLY way that Beef jerky dog treats have remained affordable in Australia, is that the vast majority of them on the Australian market are made from ‘ Beef Trachea’, and that includes our regular Beef Jerky dog treat.  This is not a bad thing, and it is still 100% beef product, still a great chew. And I still feed it to my dog!

But that is where Beef Jerky Prime comes in, when you want something different. A little more PREMIUM.

Our Aussie Beef Jerky Prime is made from the TOPSIDE cut of the cow.

Note being a NATURAL product, shape and colour of the treats will vary from that in the video with Archie below.  But it is always 100% single ingredient Beef!

Whilst not porterhouse, it is still a step up from the standard beef jerky. You will notice that this beef is also cut into a more natural cut (like our Kangaroo Jerky Long in 2019), meaning that while many Beef Jerky PRIME pieces will be long, some are shorter and they are all varied in shape.

If you are after a more PRIME cut of meat for your dog, even if its just for the Longer pieces in most packs, then this healthy dog treat is for you and your dog !

Beef Jerky PRIME provides:

Excellent Meat protein (supplementing the low animal protein in most dog food)

Dental Care – helping remove Plaque and tartar build-up on teeth

100% Natural Beef Product NO ADDITIVES

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