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Aus Chicken Breast, 100%

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Aus Chicken Breast, 100% single ingredient


There are several reasons why you might choose this over the other chicken breast products we have. While this is more expensive, you know its Australian AND 100% SINGLE INGREDIENT.

These treats are so prime, that they are listed as “human consumption grade Chicken Jerky “ and slowly air dried in a HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point ) facility.

So, if your dog is allergy prone, or you just feel more comfortable providing something that has ZERO additives to your loved one (dog).  Then this is for you.

It is curious that while we most of the other animal dog treats, we have a jerky product that is single ingredient, chicken tends not to be 100%.

Our other chicken breast products are great.  I fed them to my dog for years. But they do include a smidgeon of Soy each and another couple of trace element additives including preservatives to ensure freshness.

For the other chicken breast jerky treats we sell, Chicken breast meat is vastly the main product, however since dog food or dog treats do not have to provide percentage of ingredients (by law), very few products give you that specific information. It also means the driers can keep their specific formula a secret. The soy provides a good taste, makes the product slightly more economical, and helps keep the product integrity.  To provide a 100% chicken breast dog treat that remains intact can require special cooking and handling.

That is why 100% single ingredient treats like chicken breast can sometimes seem a little flakier, or prone to crumbling in the pack.  Though in this specific chicken breast product it seems they have gotten the method so right, that any of the short comings are avoided.

Regardless of what chicken breast treat you choose, you are buying these products from us by weight, so that shouldn’t matter.

What dogs is this chicken breast good for?

Dogs are highly carnivore based and typically don’t get enough meat based protein (bio available ) in their plant based dog food.  Most dogs love chicken.

Because chicken is a great mixture of high protein amount that is easily digestible, and still provides a little ripping (to help satisfy their primal urges) chicken is highly valued among almost all dogs.

Small and medium sized dogs (who don’t have big chewing power) will get the most out of this treat in that it will take a little longer to eat.  Strong chewing dogs will easily rip these chicken breast fillets apart, but that wont diminish their enjoyment of the smell and taste of 100% single ingredient chicken.   Something that they definitely wont get in dog food.

While some owners will carry cooked chicken breast in a bag in their pocket to the dog park for dog training treats, holding onto this at room temperature for more than a few hours only invites bacterial infection.  That is why owners often cut small pieces of chicken breast dog treats from us into small pieces to bring the park, to ensure safety and enjoyment.

INGREDIENTS – 100% Australian Chicken,  ZERO ADDITIVES.

Nutritional Analysis

  • Protein (crude) > 96 %  (of the solid matter)
  • FAT < 4%
  • Ash approx. 4%
  • Crude fibre   0.2%

Note the treat is air dried and is approximately 87% dried matter, and 13%  water.  This is typical of all dried treats (air dried or oven dried) – without moisture the treat is much less palatable for your dog.

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