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Beef Jerky – Soft

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A great 100% beef animal dog treat! Long lasting & bulk savings!

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Beef Jerky Dog Treat (Grown & Processed in Australia)

If this treat is out of stock, Please try BEEF JERKY PRIME (uses actual topside steak) !

The current version of Beef Jerky is a smaller SOFT version of the meat (in 2023).  Still 100% BEEF, with no additives.

Since beef and chicken are two of the most plentiful farmed meats in Australia, most dogs would be familiar with beef. HOWEVER, there is as MASSIVE difference between the beef most dogs get in commercial dog food and BEEF JERKY that we sell.

Beef jerky is as great source of protein and animal fats, and quite a few minerals and vitamins, but its big drawcard is that its s single cut of meat. You can actually see the natural strands of muscle, which makes the primal joy of ripping it apart so much fun for the average dog.

We have various types of beef and each will have different purposes for different dogs.  The main different between our 100% beef MEAT jerky and much of the beef in commercial dog foods is that our beef is 100% muscle meat and good enough quality for you to see its actual real form, usually sliced into two dimensional strips, that give a dog some challenge in ripping apart before digesting the quality meal.

Commercial dog food often has MDM (mechanically deboned meat). This is meat that is shredded off the bone by a machine, it is NOT a prime cut of meat. Yes this is also present in most composite dog treats (ones that are combined with wheat) – but the meat is still the MAJORITY of the treat in our treats (as opposed to dog food typically having 30% meat.

Dog food can also have meat by products that account for the meat component, and current Australian labelling laws don’t even require manufactures to provide a PERCENTAGE of meat in their dog food concoctions.  OUR beef jerky is 100% meat product. Australian MEAT product.

The benefits of REAL beef in your dog’s diet:

  • Adds one of the best natural meat PROTEINS that is bio-available to your dog for maintenance and growth of their body and cells.
  • Great smelling treat that stimulates appetite / very satisfying to a dog.
  • Great to satisfy the primal instinct of shredding meat apart before devouring


Below are the different types of beef jerky we currently stock:

Beef jerky dog treat (standard meal)

Universally beef jerky strips are made from cow trachea. This is still 100% beef and retains the nutrition of muscle meat. In fact the strength of the raw material is what gives this treat such good chewing properties for many dogs, it is also what keeps the treat relatively economical since it is typically a part of the cow that isn’t consumed by a lot of humans in Australia.

Beef Jerky PRIME dog treat

This is something a little more special for the discerning dog treat procurer out there. Typically cut from Beef TOPSIDE steak muscle meat, a treat fit for a king.  This obviously has a more natural look and isn’t cut into the more precise little rectangles that regular beef jerky typically is cut into.

Beef Jerky NATURAL dog treat

This is an closer to the natural form of beef jerky regular above.  Instead of the trachea being cut into rectangles, it is pressed flattish and dried for this formulation. It is often cut into different lengths too.

This means that the treat has a rounder shape and is more integral and bumpier.  Some people like the flat beef jerky regular version, some people like this more complete but odd shaped heavier treat.

Beef jerky contains no added flavours, colours or preservatives and is 100% BEEF – all natural, just what your dog needs!

BEEF JERKY DOG TREAT Typical analysis:  Protein 65%, fat 10%, salt 0.6%, fibre 0.1%

Our regular beef jerky is one of the most economical 100% meat dog treats around. It will add to your dog’s MEAT protein consumption which they will easily be able to use. IF regular dog food is around 30% meat and 30% protein, adding a 100% beef jerky dog treat to their diet, can boost the total protein in their diet up to 40% plus or more (from dog foods typical 30% total protein). And beef jerky is the usable version – a bio-available form of protein.

If you are after something a little more special and a little more ‘natural looking’ we recommend you look at our Beef Jerky Prime.

Kept in pantry conditions (dark, low temperature, in a sealed dry container) these can last 6-12 months, though we imagine your dog will plead for you to give them all of your stock well before then.

Nutrition analysis

100g of been typically has 200 calories in it.

Of the 10% fat you will find approximately one third is saturated fats.  Dogs process saturated fat much better than humans (it does not cause cholesterol issues in dogs).

There is NO carbohydrates in beef jerky dog treats.   They get enough (ie not required) sugars in the vegetables and grains in most commercial dog food pellets.

The main  vitamins present in beef jerky are Vitamin B12 and Vitamin B6.

The main minerals in Beef are Iron, Zinc, Phosphorous, Selenium

Both beef jerky dog treats are 100% beef meat, with no additives, NO colouring, No preservatives. AND AUSTRALIAN GROWN AND MADE treats.

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