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Beef Jerky pieces

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Crunchy healthy Aussie meat

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Beef Jerky Pieces – 100% Australian!

This is small pieces of 100% single ingredient beef jerky MUSCLE MEAT

If this treat is out of stock, Please try BEEF JERKY PRIME (uses actual topside steak) !

But of instead of processing to look neat in the pack, this is the NATURAL as close to nature version that you can get beef jerky in.

Shape and size varies.  The biggest pieces are 10 cm by 10 cm, but there are many smaller morsels down to 1 x 5 cm.  It literally is a mixed bag

If your dog is bored with the regular beef jerky that you find in every other store (usually made from the trachea), then these beef jerky natural beef piece dog treats are sure to impress.

Note, being actual beef (not reconstituted MDM stock), this product does have some visible fat on it. But of course, that is quality animal fat, just as nature intended for your carnivore dog!

INCREDIENTS:  100% single ingredient Australian Beef Jerky muscle meat.


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