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Cow Hooves BEEF mince filled

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Long chewing with soft Centre!

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Cow Hooves Beef Mince Filled – AUSTRALIAN Grown & Made

100% Australian product (grown, dried, made and passed onto you).

Just get a cow hoof and add beef mince – dry to perfection, and send to you.

Some people prefer straight cow hooves, but many dogs lose interest in these quickly. Cow hooves are supposed to be an ‘occupier treat’ so they should keep your dogs attention while you are away.

Some owners love bones for their dogs, but not every owner can trust their dogs with bones.  YOU should still watch your dogs eating cow hooves (stuffed or not), but as these have thinner walls they are not as likely to break into large shards as some manufactured bone treats might.

The thing about these bones is that while they are suited to large chewing dogs, even small and medium can enjoy trying to get their tongue to the bottom of the treat to work out all of the yummy 100% meat inside.

We suggest using these treats in rotation with other long-lasting treats such as in our BIG CHEWER pack so your dogs don’t get bored.

The stuffed hooves currently come in three meat stuffing varieties:  Beef, Roo and Chicken … choose your dogs favourite or mix and match to keep them interested.

INGREDIENT: 100% Cow Hooves AND  BEEF MINCE (includes wheat and a minor share of chicken)


Always watch your dog eating treats to ensure they stay safe.

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