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Cow Hooves

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Cow hooves BULK long chew

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Cow hooves, Made in Australia, 100% Natural Dog Treats

These cow hooves are trimmed, cleaned, and dried for perfect chewing.  All puppies enjoy a good chew, and so this bag will satisfy that need.  However, as their texture is as hard as many bones, they are likely to only be fully consumed by the hardest biggest chewing dogs. If you are looking for a reliable platform to shop for premium dog treats like cow hooves, you have come to the right place. We have all-natural treats that are perfect for chewing and will become your pet’s favourite chew. We have healthy treats that enable you to extend the best level of care to your pet.

Buy Cow Hooves for Dogs

Besides pure chewing satisfaction, relieving boredom, they help strengthen jaws and clean teeth. Rather than using anything artificial with your dog we recommend these as a natural method of assisting removal of tartar and plaque.

Also note for those who want the nutritonal best for their dogs, we also supply MINCE Stuffed hooves. NOTE all mince versions have some amount of chicken meat in the mince. You can find them here:

As always we recommend watching how your particular dog chews on these treats to ensure they have safe consumption.

Cow hooves dog treat Nutritional value

Cow hooves and cow horns have similar nutritional compositions. Like bones, the major minerals are calcium and phosphorus with other trace elements.  The major bonus in the cow hoof is that it has typically over 90% crude protein.  That said, they have very low fat, no ‘crude fibre’ but in general are a low fattening treat.

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Are cow hooves okay for dogs?

Cow Hooves are generally okay for dogs when sourced from reputable suppliers. They serve as a natural and long-lasting chew that helps promote dental health by reducing tartar and plaque buildup. When considering cow hooves for dogs, always ensure they come from a trustworthy source like Healthy Dog Treats to guarantee they are free from harmful additives or contaminants.

What are the benefits of cow hooves for dogs?

There are several benefits of cow hooves for dogs:

  1. They provide a tough chewing surface, which helps clean the dog’s teeth and gums, promoting oral health.
  2. Chewing releases endorphins in dogs, providing a calming effect
  3. Hooves For Dog from reputable brands are natural and chemical-free, ensuring a safe chewing experience.
Are beef hooves digestible for dogs?

While Cow Hooves are durable and provide long-lasting chewing sessions, they aren’t entirely digestible. Small pieces that are broken off can pass through the digestive system without issue. Still, monitoring your dog while chewing is essential to prevent any large fragments from being swallowed, which can pose a choking risk.

Are cow hooves good for puppies?

Cow Hooves can be suitable for puppies but with some precautions. They are tough and can withstand aggressive chewing, which can help with teething. However, due to their hardness, they might be too tough for very young puppies or those with fragile teeth. Constantly monitor puppies enjoying Hooves For Dog to ensure safety and prevent choking hazards.

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