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Cow Hooves CHICKEN mince filled

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Long chewing with Tasty Chicken!

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Cow Hooves Chicken Mince Filled – AUSTRALIAN Grown & Made

100% Australian product (grown, dried, made)

Just get one cow hoof and add CHICKEN mince – dry to perfection, and send to you.

This is the third variety of stuffed cow hooves we currently have available, four if you count empty cow hooves.

Cow hooves are typically devoured by large big chewing dogs, as a safe alternative to bones (when dogs don’t chew carefully) … but stuffed hooves can interest all dogs as they try and get the meat out of the hoof ‘container’.

YOU should still watch your dog’s eating cow hooves (stuffed or not), but that goes for ANY treat.

The reason that people often choose a chicken treat over any other, is that some dogs find the smell of chicken irresistible when compared to any other meat. They have a similar KJ and fat content, so your choice of filling is really down to your dog’s preferences.

If you have a dog that you are trying to occupy for a long time we suggest rotating these treats with other long-lasting treats such as in our BIG CHEWER pack so your dogs don’t get bored.

The stuffed hooves currently come in three meat stuffing varieties:  Beef, kangaroo and Chicken … choose your dog’s favourite or mix and match to keep them interested.

INGREDIENT: 100% Cow Hooves AND  CHICKEN MINCE (includes wheat)



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