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COW EARS – Dog Treats

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Cow Ears dog treats

100% single ingredient AUSTRALIAN dog treat !

Cow ears can be a great dog treat, when used correctly.

The reason they have become so popular is that they are one of the longest, cheapest cow / beef dog treats around.  Beef Jerky will always hold the number one spot, but that is because its relatively easy to eat,  has a very distinctive smell and hold dear to the owners hearts as well as the dogs.

Beef jerky is also popular because people are romanticized by an image of a big steak on commercial dog food packages – even though they will typically only get 30-40% beef at most,  and From MDM (ground beef) not whole steak, not the best cut.  The other thing to consider is that most beef jerky is actually the flattened esophagus.  It is not the traditional muscle meat that humans would eat.

We actually provide one of the more rare types of beef jerky, made from actual muscle meat (topside steak) – and its called Beef Jerky Prime.

Why cow ear dog treats then?

Well pigs ears are a gateway treat to getting people comfortable with the idea.  And if you are after a healthy alternative, we have kangaroo ear dog treats (with fur on).

These cow ears we sell are stripped of hair.  We note that hair has its place in dog treats (providing great ruffage or non-soluble fibre, but some owners baulk at the idea of any hair on any treat.

Cow ears are typically 40 to 100 % bigger than pig’s ears (depending on the season and stock), like pigs ears, they contain the outer layer of skin and the inner ‘meat’ component.  The addition of the skin on these things has several benefits.

They naturally keep the treat together when being chewed, so that it doesn’t fall apart and make it too easy to eat.  And like other treats with skin (like fish skins), the skin provides collagen type 2 benefits that assist joint support for your dog.

Because they are part skin, part muscle meat, the energy content is lower.  Because they are generally much tougher than beef jerky of a similar size, they will take most dogs a little longer to eat, meaning that they wont get obese as easily.

You might be aware that ‘rawhide’ treats have come under a lot of scrutiny in the press over the last few years, because they were made of cheap peics of leather glued together with potentially toxic substances.  People liked the idea of a cheap chew that might take a while to eat, but soon found out that if you go through random suppliers, you can do your dog more harm than good.

That is why genuine WHOLE COWS EARS, from a trusted supplier (US),  provide you with a longer chewing solution (for small and medium sized dogs), while remaining NATURALLY SAFE.

Some blogs will go the click bait path of claiming that treats like this can be dangerous because of potential choking hazards, but this alarmist blogs are just to sell advertising, not to provide useful information. Dogs can choke on kibble or sticks they find in the park.  Cow ears are a natural part of the cow, and in the past, dogs (and their ancestor wolves) would eat every part of the animal, including the bones.

Chances are that most people’s dogs don’t have the jaw power of wolves, so the concern is that they mightn’t chew a piece they break off into a small enough piece before swallowing, but that goes for anything that your dog swallows.

Cow ears are highly digestible, so once they reach your dogs stomach, they will be completely dissolved (except any remnant hair).  If you are concerned about your dogs ability to make wise choices about how much they rip and chew before trying to swallow a piece, then consult your vet, or observer how they handle any specific dog food or dog treat before you leave them alone with another one.

INGREDIENTS –   100% single ingredient ,  NO ADDITIVES

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