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Beef Tendons

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Beef Tendons – LONG CHEWING!

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Beef Tendons Dog Treats  – Australian!

OUR Beef tendons are typically 20-35cm long, 5cm wide, with a depth of about 2 – 6 mm.

If these are not available or you dont mind beef tendons in smaller pieces, we sell beef paddywhack in bags based on weight.

Beef Cow tendons are the most-hard (yet sometimes brittle) dog treat available from cows besides leg bones. For owners who are concerned about their dogs eating cooked bones, the beef tendon can be a good option.

Most beef tendons for dogs are aimed at big chewing medium sized dogs or big dogs. A hard chewer will be abele to bite pieces of tendon off, and chew down the length of the blade, however smaller dogs might need to chew and slobber on them for a while – the soaking action allows them to rip the tendon pieces off more easily, like they would do with a prok roll.

Pork rolls are a good companion piece to the beef tendon, because both are included in our BIG chewers sample pack. Dog’s love treats that are meat based, but will often choose ones based on smell, then taste and vision.  Texture comes into play as well, but since a dogs sense is one of the most highly evolved senses for a dog, they need to enjoy that property first. If your dog loves beef dog treats, then will most likely have a hankering for the beef tendon.

Big dogs, that are strong chewing dogs will be able to snap the tendon in half, it will be a much easier task than a bone. But as said, because it is blade like and far less strong than bones, any splintering is far less likely to be a danger to them. They can more easily chew and parts that fracture off the beef tendon.

Note if any treat is too hard for a dog to get anything off and doesn’t smell enough after they have started, they are likely to lose interest in the treat – this is often the main reason that smaller or very young/ old dogs, don’t enjoy a beef tendon as much as heavy chewing dogs.

Beef tendon dog chew comparison treats

While jumbo pork rolls are a good comparison for the beef tendon, the reason you will want these for your dog is that they are one of the hardest chewing meat based dog treats you will find. They are essentially the missing link between bully sticks (XLG) and dog treat bones.

Smaller dogs will often enjoy things like the ling or salmon fish skins for a long safe chew, but if they demolish those too quickly, then they might want to step up to a beef tendon.

Under the ‘I did not know that’, apparently beef tendons are also a chefs treat. For the beef tendon is the main connective tissue between bone and muscle, and so it kind of holds the position of being halfway between these two for dog chewing strength.

It also happens to be made mostly of collagen – you know, that stuff that is all the rage in the beauty products at the moment.  Human chefs mostly use beef tendon for broth (instead of using bone), and raw beef tendon is very pliable, rubbery. But once dried it gets a very hard feel to it.

The good news for dog owners, with dogs on a diet is that “Tendons are basically fat-free”


  • Hard chewing – occupier treat
  • Cleans teeth and strengthens gums NATURALLY

If you are finding that bully sticks are not enough of a challenge but don’t like dogs having too many bones (wearing their teeth), then our Beef tendons are your ideal choice.


100g of beef tendon is likely to have:

  • 600 KJ of energy
  • 34 g of PROTEIN
  • 0.6 g of FAT
  • 0 Carbs
  • 0 Fibre
  • 53 mg Sodium
  • 150 mg Potassium

(nutrition Data from fatsecret website 2021)

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