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Beef Tripe

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Beef Tripe – Aussie Made Unbleached.

If you haven’t been introduced to the wonderful world of tripe before, strap in.

Its one of those super foods, for humans that dare eating something different, and a very nutritional, fun and healthy dog treat for dogs of all ages.

Beef Tripe is officially classed as offal as it comes from the stomach lining of cows. However it is more like beef jerky in its protein profile

If you are wondering about how attractive it is to dogs. Raw tripe has been my dog Archie’s favourite meat / organ over every other thing I have been able to offer him.  Raw tripe is traditionally greenish.  Bleached tripe you find in supermarkets is white. This dog treat is raw tripe, cooked, and so a tan colour (not bleached).

It has been used as a cheap source of protein around the world for centuries and has only fallen out of favour in advanced countries who can afford a less chewy prime cut of meat. But the reality for dogs, is that they love the chew, and as tripe is not a hard cut of meat, the chewiness just adds to the great eating experience.

Beef tripe has a light smell and flavour. The most natural form is raw green tripe, for human consumption it is often bleached for appearance alone, but this can diminish nutrients. Dried beef tripe for dogs is from unbleached product, it just dries to that tan colour.

Tripe is known as an excellent protein source and provider of good mineral content. When dried down to a moisture content of 10% the protein is typically above 65% of the treat. Since the aafco minium protein level for dog food from any source is a woefully low 18%, Beef tripe makes an excellent affordable meat based protein supplement for dogs.

This is a short video of Archie selecting TRIPE (raw bleached) over all other options …  (NOTE our shop dog treat is DRIED AND TAN in colour).

In Particular these are the nutrients that tripe is exceptional in:  Iron, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Phosphorus, Niacin, Choline, Zinc

Your dog should get plenty of Calcium and phosphorous in its kibble or animal bones. However Iron, potassium and zinc from animal sources is particularly useful.

Selenium is one of those often hard to find trace elements and is vital for “body’s signalling and defence systems.” It is also a strong antioxidant used in DNA production, thyroid health, and metabolism. in dried beef tripe, you have around 71 mcg per 100g

Animal Protein (high bioavailability of nutrients) helps keep your dog full and gives its body power to repair damaged tissue and build muscle. A high level of b12 means it helps prevent anemia (in conjunction with good levels of iron ensures red blood cells can transport oxygen to organs and reduce fatigue.



480 calories per 100g DRIED (10% water content). Most of these are from protein meaning the most useful energy source.

  • Protein 68 %
  • Total Fat 22% (or much less if cooked (rendered for time). They are said to be a low fat treat, so it assumes that much of this fat is burnt off in the drying process.
  • Ash 3%
  • Carbs 0%

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