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Beef Tripe Powder

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Beef Tripe POWDER – Aussie made NO ADDITIVES.

Beef Tripe is the cow’s stomach. It is one of the most desired smell and taste treats of all for all dogs.

Nutritionally it has essentially the same protein (amino acid) profile of beef jerky, but typically at a fraction of the cost.

Some owner like giving whole beef tripe pieces, but as these are relatively fragile, they will often get some tripe powder in the bottom of their packs anyway.

So if you are after a VERY easy eating treat, with a protein that you know your dog is already used to (ie if they eat any beef in any of their commercial dog food) – then this makes a great topper for any sized dog.

Here is a little known secret about why beef tripe is so popular, and by extension, the powder.  Something very useful if you have a fussy dog, or a dog that has just come out of illness and is struggling to eat.   Dog have 10,000 times the smell capability of humans (when their snout and brain areas are figured into their sensitivity).

So even though they have only one sixth of the tastebuds,  they always trust their nose primarily.  And their carnivore nose is very centered on finding MEAT based food. This means that if you are after a basic protein boost, a 100% natural flavour enhancement (beef), or just know its something that they will really cherish.  This could soon become your favourite (and your dog’s) favourite treat.

INGREDIENT 100% BEEF TRIPE, turned into powder/ soft granules.  ZERO additives or preservatives of any kind.


480 calories per 100g DRIED (10% water content). Most of these are from protein meaning the most useful energy source.

  • Protein 68 %
  • Total Fat 22% (or much less if cooked (rendered for time). They are said to be a low fat treat, so it assumes that much of this fat is burnt off in the drying process.
  • Ash 3%
  • Carbs 0%



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