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Australian Chicken Breast

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100% Australian Chicken Breast dog treat

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Chicken Breast Dog Treats Grown & Made in Australia

Chicken is a favourite meat of most dogs. At our store, we have meticulously prepared dog chicken jerky that makes a great choice for dogs of all ages. Dog chicken jerky makes a healthy chew that can help dogs reach their full potential. While most dog foods have a little over 30% meat, this is one way you can readdress and balance your dog’s diet. As cats are a 100% carnivore this chicken breast is also very suitable for them.

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This treat is a little greasy (that is just the actual chicken fat) compared to the other chicken treats but its the highest percentage aussie chicken product we sell.  The chicken itself is pressed very thin only a couple of mm, and even translucent in parts.

These Australian Chicken breast dog treats are made in Australia, .. simply by filleting pressing and  drying.

Like most other of our dried meat dog treats, this treat should keep well for up to 6 months in your pantry in dark, dry cool conditions. Always keep the plastic satchel closed to avoid drying out.

INGREDIENTS:  Chicken Breast Meat (vast majority of treat), Soy Protein, Glycerine (Vegetable), Salt, Sugar, Garlic

The bulk of this treat is Aussie chicken breast.  The other additives are used to maintain treat integrity during transit and storage, as well as provide extra flavour. The last thing most people want is a whole bunch of dry crumbs at the bottom of their treat bag and glycerin and soy go a long way to preventing drying and breakage.

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