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Justine Sara
Justine Sara
I think my dog is the fussiest in Australia! In the past she has taken treats into the garden, put a leaf on top of them and walked away!! But she does not do this with Healthy Dog Treats. I bought her the Medium Chewer Pack so she could try 5 different varieties. So far she has loved the Shark Cartilage and the Shark Skins and I will continue to work through the pack. If you're not sure what to buy then the mixed packs are a great idea - especially if your dog is a fuss bum like mine!
Carmen Grech
Carmen Grech
Great variety, my GSD loved all the different treats I bought in particular the cow hooves filled with mince. He also really enjoys the mixed treats. Good to know that they are healthy for him too.
Brad Regan
Brad Regan
I've been giving my Dogs healthy snacks for years - but I just discovered this company, and they are by far the best. Great single ingredient dog treats - and they always look, feel and smell super fresh. The Kangaroo tendons are Maggie's favourite.
sue phillips
sue phillips
Have ordered different product from Bruce on several occasions now. Product is always much enjoyed by our furchild and the service and delivery is excellent. Nice to support local companies too. Thanks so much for the added treat in the parcel, a nice touch that is always enjoyed. Will continue to support a company that values their customers, both two and four legged. Thanks Bruce.
John Posthuma
John Posthuma
My Boston terrier pup is currently teething and is loving in particular the cow hooves as they are incredible hard ! I have found all aspects of this company 1st rate and can highly recommend it.
Chris Ryan
Chris Ryan
Frankie and Robbie love their chicken ball treats. They will even be good dogs to get one. Their human appreciates the friendly and prompt service too. Thank you.
Linda M
Linda M
My dogs absolutely love the beef and roo jerky - all natural products which is important to me. Quick delivery, great communication. This is our boy Jake enjoying his beef jerky
jenelle crowther
jenelle crowther
My dog loves the kangaroo treats. Great quality at a great price.
steph duncan
steph duncan
So easy to deal with, and their products are 10/10. Couldn't recommend enough.
Reeanne keena
Reeanne keena
Val K., Sth Mission Beach QLD. DOG = GYPSY Just received your order thank you Bruce and have a very happy pup! 😊 Bought a tasting pack and I gave Gypsy a choice of everything. She chose a rib first which are her favourite treat and why I had ordered some ... but then went straight to a shark skin chew. Think these are going to be a new favourite and you can play tug with them. Lol. Good fun. Really impressed also with your communication regarding my order and subsequent offers for discounts. Fantastic customer service. Thank you.

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At Bruce's Healthy Dog Treats we understand the vital importance of nutritious dog treats. Both dogs and cats evolved to eat meat, and meat-based treats address the low meat percentage in most commercial dog food.

This is why Bruce sources his shop's Australian pet treats from very specific Australian pet treat companys. Our "about us" page explains more about what healthy treats for dogs really mean. Branding is nothing without substance. You may not know our brand yet, but when you do, you will find that we only sell the healthiest and best quality treats with 80% meat or 100% meat (biscuits and yogurt/ carob excepted) !

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Your search for healthy, Australian-made dog treats ends here, at Healthy Dog Treats

We’re proud to be an Australian pet treat company that puts the health of dogs above all else.

Don’t fall for the spin of commercial dog treat brands; they’re full of fillers that your dog can’t properly digest. There’s next to no meat in many of these options, and they’re not doing your dog much good.

You might not have time to make nutritious meals for your dog every day, and it can be difficult getting the proportions and components right. That’s why Healthy Dog Treats is the answer!

Supplement their diet with our fantastic treats, or dog monthly subscription boxes made from the best ingredients and without the superfluous fillers and over-processing of commercial dog food brands.

We make it easy with doggy treat box to give your beloved dogs the best treats for their health and wellbeing.

A wide range of natural dog treats that don’t compromise your furry friend’s health

Whether your four-legged friend loves treats that they can chew for a long time, or prefers biscuits to bones, you’ll find healthy dog treats of all kinds here.

We offer the best dog treats, no matter what kind you’re searching for:

  • Beef
  • Biscuit
  • Bones
  • Carob and Yoghurt
  • Chicken
  • Crocodile
  • Fish
  • Kangaroo
  • Lamb
  • Long-chewing
  • Low fat
  • Medium
  • Offal
  • Pork
  • Small and soft
  • Training

Convenient, affordable and natural dog treats - because your dog deserves the best

Searching for premium quality kangaroo tendons, cow hooves, dog biscuits or cooked bones for dogs? Healthy Dog Treats is the online store stocking just that - healthy, natural treats for dogs of all sizes.

Give your dog a variety of different meats and textures to enjoy, whether as a meal supplement, a treat for a special occasion, or a training tool.

You can rest assured your dog is getting the nutrients they need to live a healthy, happy life.

Browse our gourmet dog treats now.

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