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Carob Buttons

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Give your dog yummy ‘dog chocolate’ at bulk prices

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CAROB Button Dog Treats

Carob button dog treats are the perfect chocolate substitute for your dog. No longer do you have to feel bad about eating chocolate in front of them and knowing you can’t give them any.

Chances are that if you have sat on the lounge and enjoyed a chocolate treat, your dog might consider that you are depriving them of something good. If you keep the carob button dog treats nearby, your dog can enjoy the smooth sweet, SAFE taste of carob while you indulge what you need to.

Please note that during hot summer months that Carob and Yogurt dog treats can melt in transit. They should still be safe eating, though are not as aesthetic as when in cute little button forms. We suggest if melting concerns you, to order them in the cooler months of the year.

Yes, chocolate (cocoa) is toxic to dogs (contains theobromine) – NONE OF OUR TREATS USE CHOCOLATE!  The reason is that while it might take a fair amount of chocolate to get a dog very unwell, getting them used to eating any chocolate risks the chance they will eat a block while you are away and get very sick. You don’t want to train them on the scent of chocolate with those very powerful nose abilities.

These buttons are typically only 15 mm diameter with the centre about 5 mm tall. They are soft and easy for ANY dog to eat. This means that you get many individual buttons even in the small packs.

The carob used in dog treats is extracted from the carob bean that grows on the carob tree. A little flowering shrub. The bean is ground down into brown powder and used for the bulk of the treat will providing natural flavour and sweetness. Carob has a sweet taste, but also as vitamins A, B, and D and minerals: calcium, magnesium, iron and potassium. The button also has a small amount of plant protein (like its pea cousin).

Carob used in this dog treat also has fibre and pectin (a soluble fibre which also has  a sugar acid derived from galactose) and good for flushing toxins from the body.

The upshot from all of this is that carob is safe for dogs, is sweet tasting, is a natural bean product that looks like chocolate and is a good natural staple of more confectionary side of the dog treat world.

If they love the carob buttons in the small packs, we also sell them in the bulk KG packs. NOTE we know that while dogs tend to love sugar (and the NATURAL sweetness of carob, not every dog will love carob buttons – if you have not tested them before, consider the small packs first.


INGREDIENTSCarob powder, whey powder, vegetable fat, sugar, soy lecithin, salt, vitamins, flavour.


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