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ORANGE drops dog treats

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Orange Drops Dog Treats

Once upon a time, we only sold yogurt drops and Carob drops (dog safe chocolate)- we still do sell these, but now we have the remarkable opportunity to provide dog fans of those treats, a new VIVID ORANGE colour and amazing almost ‘jaffa’ taste / flavour.

It is true, that dogs are driven mostly by smell, and this dog treat actually does have a powerful orange smell (I can even smell it). But some dogs will eat anything, other dogs, hardly anything new. So, if you are unsure we recommend getting the smaller pack first …

The buttons are essentially the same size as the other yogurt and carob drops, about 15 mm diameter, by 4 mm high at the centre.

We are amazed at the stunning orange colour of the buttons.  But due to the limited colour vision of dogs, they will probably only see these buttons as pale yellow.

We hope that the smell and the taste is what drives your dogs into enjoying them, as a small treat.

INGREDIENTS:  Sugar, vegetable fat, Milk solids, Natural flavours, Colour (e160c), Emulsifier (332), Food Acid (330).    This treat includes Milk and Soy.

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