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Strawberry drops

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Strawberry Drops, Aussie Dog Treats!

The remarkable story of Strawberry flavoured drops begins now …

After years of just selling yogurt drops and Carob drops (dog safe chocolate)- we now are in a position to offer your dog, a new STAWBERRY flavour.

These buttons are close to the same size as the other yogurt and carob drops you are probably familiar with, about 15 mm diameter, by four mm high at the centre.

They are super soft and suitable for any size or age dog. As long as they are ok with the sugar rush (noting that dog food is often 70% vegetable matter and has high carbs too). Because the drops have limited protein, we do not recommend these to be used in big meals, but as very specific rewards.

As dogs are mostly use smell to decide what is good or bad food we can not tell you if your dog is going to enjoy these specifically. Though that said, we know that globally these kind of treats are available and consumed by many dogs.

While the orange drops have a strong orange smell, the strawberry flavoured ones are a lot more subtle. That said, the strawberry buttons have NATURAL colour and include Yogurt Powder.

Whether that means they will be more attractive to more or less dogs, we are not sure. If you are unsure about how well your dog enjoys new treats, please consider getting the smaller pack first

We hope that the smell and the taste is what drives your dogs into enjoying them, as a great reward treat.

INGREDIENTS:  Sugar, vegetable fat, Milk solids, Yogurt Powder, Natural Colour (162), Emulsifier (Soy 332), Food Acid (330).    This treat includes Milk and Soy.

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