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Shark Cartilage

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Tasty chew in a fish variety ..

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Shark Cartilage Dog treats – Australian origin 

Shark Cartilage in bulk is a very healthy dog treat.  A dog on a raw diet will appreciate this as their main source of calcium as well as it providing great Omega 3 for any dog!

NOTE that there might be as many as 3 to 5 WIDE sticks included in  each of these twin 500g packs that are sealed from the manufacturer.  If you do not want to crush these down for smaller dogs to eat, please consider buying the 100g packs that mostly have the big wide sticks sorted out of them.

The sharks are fished under licence in Australian waters and are predominantly gummy shark. Sharks are protected under a quota system, with the bulk of the meat going to the Australian restaurant and cafe/ fish shop trade.  Cartilage is considered low value for most human consumption, but high value to dog health, so this IS the most sustainable, useful use of it.

The cartilage is full of calcium, glucosamine and micro-nutrients.

If your dog has trouble with eating small raw bones or large land based animal bones, then shark cartilage is the way to go.

How chewy? If you would like to see our exclusive video of a dog eating these treats please click the link in the lower left column of this site (HDT dog treat videos)

Typical analysis:  Protein 51%, Fat 2%. Fibre 1.4%, Salt < 1.0%


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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

1 Kg, 100 g, 500 g