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Kangaroo Tails For Dog

Kangaroo Dog Treats provide a great alternative to beef and chicken. The reason it is so healthy is that it is a low fat, high protein source of food for your dog. At Healthy Dog Treats, we have a variety of options to ensure that you can offer wholesome nutrition and take the best possible care of your pet. We have a premium range of kangaroo dog treats that make a good alternative and are suitable for dogs of all ages. Whether you are looking for kangaroo jerky for dogs, kangaroo bones for dogs or kangaroo tails for dogs, we have fantastic chew choices. Our range is Australian made and is also perfect for training dogs. Check out our range today.

Buy Kangaroo Dog Treats

Except for fish, Kangaroo meat is the most prolific, healthy, organic WILD (ie not farmed) meat source in Australia. As a natural meat source, you don’t risk all of the issues that can happen with farmed animals like growth hormones, antibiotic use etc.  Organic meats are expensive enough for humans, and over the top for dogs. Yet wild animals sources are NATURALLY organic !

Kangaroos used in our dog treats are legally court in Australia under license and capped to a quota system. Considering that in any year typically less than one third of the total quota is caught their total numbers remain very high. They are caught to keep mobs healthy (ie not overpopulate) this means kangaroo treats are a very wise and responsible option for owners and the environment alike.

Considering that kangaroo is typically given to dogs in an exclusion diet by vets to test for allergies (ie kangaroo meat is very hypo allergenic) it is very likely not to cause allergy reactions in your dog, they are also VERY healthy for your dog.

Because my dog gets plenty of beef and chicken in the commercial dog food system, I tend to feed him the highest amount of kangaroo treats to give diversity to his diet, and the highest health boost. Since many roo treats are 100% roo (no additives) you can choose one that is suitable for your dog, and give them a great clean protein boost – bio-available protein (much better than plant protein for your carnivore-based dogs digestive system.

Kangaroo dog treats – by purity and chewability

There are many ways to categorise kangaroo dog treats, but the first is by 100% single ingredient options.

Kangaroo 100% single ingredient MEAT dog treats:

The king of these are the kangaroo jerkies. Currently (2021) we have Two LONG jerky varieties: Kangaroo Jerky Long AND kangaroo Jerky Natural. While these can be up to 30 cm long, some smaller pieces will also be included in most bags. Which is fine for most owners, because a lot of times people will be using secateurs to cut the long jerkies in half anyway.

The kangaroo jerky long varieties are the traditional long jerky meats (just roo strap from the belly cut in a flat formation). The difference between these and the kangaroo jerky natural, is that the natural version, also 100% single ingredient no additives, is more 3D in nature, a more chunky and long treat. Because of this, you will typically get less strips in the bag, but they might give your dog a little more of a chewing challenge.

Both of these treats are excellent teeth cleaners, as the kangaroo jerky comes with great strong striations of muscle on the meat ensuring gums and teeth are giving a great clean while providing the best protein a dog can get.

The other 100% meat kangaroo jerky is the SMALL pieces option. This like the others is a single ingredient, NO additives treat, but instead of from the belly it is cut from the leg, has lower fat still, but because of this tends to be more dried out and very easy to snap by hand or dog crunch. This variety is suitable for any dog, but in particular young dogs, dogs with soft jaws, or more mature dogs. It will help clean their teeth some, but want frustrate them into giving up like the long harder version of jerky might.

The next ‘purist’ 100% animal treat is the kangaroo cartilage. Yes, it has meat and protein, but also is more of a collagen mix, as the knee cartilage is the junction between the leg muscle and bone knew cap. This means that it is small (about the size of the roo tendon knob, but a little harder than kangaroo jerky.

The next slightly softer, but also 100% kangaroo meat treat is the highly prized kangaroo tendon.

Kangaroo tendons are so prized, that for the last several years we have had to limit the amount people can purchase in an order. Since there are only two tendons per roo and are labour expensive, they have become quite rare lately. The reason people love this for their dogs is it has the prized tendon meat bulb at one end that can give an instant reward, then is followed up by the stalk for longer chewing. It provides great meat nutrition, but also longer chewing than jerky for a good occupier treat version for small and medium sized dogs.

Kangaroo bones dog treats

While bones are not for everybody, the kangaroo bone selection truly has something for every dog. All bones are 100% animal product (no additives) and because the roo is organic, it meant the bones are as healthy as you can get too.

The bones range from the very hard kangaroo clod bone (leg), to rib bones, and lumbar bones, and roo tail bone pieces that all have substantial meat on them and are great teeth cleaning options.

Roo tail tips are a perfect economical substitute for the harder and higher fat content bully sticks.

Kangaroo dog treats, composite variety

The best value dog treats are the Kangaroo meat balls, kangaroo crinkles & irresistible Roo sticks (a short version provided FREE with every order.

These dog treats are genuine Australian made low fat dog treats that will keep your dog Healthy & happy!  They all have over 40% meat in them, with the majority of that meat being kangaroo, and a minority share of chicken meat (for taste and to keep costs down).