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Dog Treats – KangaROO Bone Completely eaten by Shine the Rottweiler – VIDEO

Shine eating a Roo bone

Shine eating a KangarooRoo bone from It’s funny, a lot of people at the markets are interested in Kangaroo meat treats, but they don’t see the value in kangaroo bones.

True, if your dog is small, it may only gnaw at the ends of the bone, but as you will see, for the larger dog, the good chewing dog, there may be nothing better than a roo bone dog treat.

There are many benefits to dogs eating bones in their diet, and this article looks at the value of kangaroo bones specifically.

What makes a kangaroo bone special?

Everyone knows roo meat to be lean (not as many saturated fats as other meats). And the fact is that dogs can process fats MUCH better than humans or other omnivores. They, in fact, extract the majority of their energy needs from fats and proteins in animal meat rather than carbohydrates.

The only issue for overweight dogs is that marrow can be quite fattening. Now if you have a bone from an animal that has very ‘rich fat’ in its meat, that also means that the marrow of the bone is likely to be rich, or have a lot of saturated fats.


You will see Shine the Rottweiler doing really well with eating this black dog brand bone.  What is most phenomenal about this video is that immediately before this video was filmed, he ate a whole pork bone.

The kangaroo bone used in this video was average to slightly smaller than the other ones that came in this batch. However as you will see it is still quired a large dog treat, even for this breed of dog.

If you watched the pork bone eating video you will also see that while it looks a decent size it was eaten in close to five minutes. The elapsed eating time of for this bone was over 15 minutes.

Dogs that get sick by eating pigs ears or the fatty part of a pork roast are most likely reacting to the saturated fat in the animal. A leaner meat like roo is likely to go better on their stomachsAlso because the roo bone takes a long time to eat, they are unlikely to eat a lot of them in a day, and instead just get great jaw exercise and teeth cleaning.

Roo meat is also ecologically viable, as are the roo bones. They are ‘farmed’ or culled only under license to reduce their numbers to an ecologically stable amount in the wild. If their bones were not sold as dog treats, they would only be thrown out, which is a waste.

Roo bones vary a great deal in size and availability throughout the year, for the last few months of this year they have been in great shortage. While the roo bones are typically bigger than pork bones and lamb bones, lately they have been at least 50% bigger than they used to be – but of course, this will vary as time goes on.

While the oven drying process means that the bones still retain some moisture and are safe for most dogs to eat (some dogs that do not chew may need to be supervised) the drying process does tend to soften the bone. Amazingly Shine still took fifteen minutes to eat the majority of the bone.

It is a good idea to use small raw bones for dogs and large oven dried bones in a dogs diet to even up the balance of meat, bones and offal that they would eat in the wild. That is why giving your large dog a kangaroo bone can be a very good idea.

Article by Bruce Dwyer. If you wish to use any of this information please refer to the article as a reference and provide a link to our WEBSITE.

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