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Kangaroo Jerky Dog Treats – The KING of dog treats. Healthy & long lasting – VIDEO

Archie eating Roo Jerky Dog treats

Archie eating Roo Jerky Dog treats At Markets, people often ask me for the longest-lasting FULL muscle meat treats. And Kangaroo jerky is right up there.

But there are many other reasons that you will want to feed your dog Kangaroo Jerky.

This article looks at the many reasons that roo meat is as good, if not better for dogs than almost any other meat, just as it is  for their owners.

Kangaroo meat facts

The roo meat used in these treats is typically around 4% fat, however besides being LOW for meat, it is the ‘good’ type of fat. You can see that this dog treat is also 100% KangaROO meat.

  • It has low levels of saturated fats.
  • Roo meat is a clean source of Omega 3’s
  • Has high levels of Iron and Zinc and anti oxidant properties
  • B-group vitamins include riboflavin, niacin, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12
  • Kangaroo meat is a very high protein meat (great for dogs to extract energy from).

Roo Jerky Dog Treat information

A lot of dog owners buy Beef Jerky because they say their dog is used to it, and it comes in slightly heavier packs.  But if you think about what you are trying to do with a dog treat, you may find roo jerky as the perfect dog treat meal supplement.

If your dog eats regularly pellets or canned dog food, it is very unlikely to be eating kangaroo at all. In the wild, a dog will eat many different animals each one having a different protein profile. It is by eating varying animals and proteins that a dog builds up its immune system and gets the widest selection of nutrients into its body.

Even if your food source says that it includes kangaroo (except for 100% raw kangaroo meat) it is unlikely to have anywhere near the purity of roo jerky, 100%.

The packets that kangaroo comes in are 80g. However as most meat including roo is about 75% water, this means that you are really getting up to three times the equivalent of raw meat (just in a dried form). Roo jerky is truly the king of dog treats!


As you will see from the video it takes a while for my dog to eat each piece of roo jerky. Being 100% it is just cut and dried and packed. The natural structure of the meat means that most dogs have to spend a while salivating on it and tearing it apart. they have to use their brains and paws as part of this process rather than just swallowing treat after treat.

And you may say that your dog is bigger than the dog in the video, but that is fine. We also sell kilo packs of roo jerky. And in these bulk roo jerky dog treat bags, the strips are often much larger pieces.

The reason why this is important is that most dogs will only chew as much as they have to before swallowing. Give them a small piece or Roo jerky and they will chew half of it and swallow the rest. Give them a large strip, and they will maybe have to chew and shred 80% of it before even thinking of swallowing the remainder.

In a Pigs Ears for Dogs, dogs are supposed to have about 80% raw meat and the rest in bones and offal. If your dog eats manufactured dog foods they are very unlikely to have a very large component of actual meat (often soy disguised as meat).  So to supplement a regular manufactured dog food diet, Roo jerky at 100% is an ideal low fat, high protein, great teeth cleaning dog treat!

Article by Bruce Dwyer. If you wish to use any of this information please refer to the article as a reference and provide a link to our WEBSITE.

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