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Lamb Bones

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Lovely lamb bones in Bulk

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LAMB bone dog treats – made in Australia

Lamb is a favourite of dogs and owners alike.

Everyone dreams of a lazy Sunday roast, and I imagine dogs do to. And for both humans and dogs a lot of that has to do with the smell as much as the taste, and since dog’s sense of smell is supercharged, even the bones smell highly attractive.

Lamb bones are very diverse in shape and change with every batch, Some are only 15 cm long and look like a thinned down pork bone, occasionally we get ones that are 20 cm plus long with a thinner shaft again.

Bones are very primal thing, something to be cherished by your dog, to be buried and dug up, or on the case of the lamb bone to be enjoyed straight away. The reason that the lamb bone is coveted, is that similar to the pork bone, they are relatively small, without being dangerously small (ie tiny brittle bone small).

Lamb bones like pork bones are also great for most sized dogs, but we are probably leaning more towards the small good chewer or medium sized dog medium chewer.  The reason for this is that lamb bones are typically thin shaft with relatively good meaty/ gristle end pieces that most dogs can chew off.

For the average dog, after chewing off the end pieces, the rest of the bone can be discarded, unless they are a very careful chewer and strong chewer that the owners can safely trust to slowly chew some of the marrow out.

Lamb bone dog treats are mainly used as an OCCUPIER treat for small to medium sized dogs, because big dogs have a higher likelihood of snapping the bones straight away and ruining the game. Once the marrow is gone, the bone is mostly worthless to dogs.

But for small and medium dogs its often more about the primal urge to secure food and just HAVE the bone in their possession. Unlike jerkies that are likely to go off on a hot day, bones only have a little meat on them, so they keep themselves ‘nicer’ over a few days (unless ants get to them).

These lamb bones are relatively easy eating or chewing for most dogs. At the very economical x5 bulk saver rate,

Buying lamb bone dog treats in bulk makes sense …

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Dimensions 10 × 15 × 10 cm

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