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Kangaroo Tail Bone Pieces

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Chunks of roo tail bone in BULK

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Kangaroo Tail Piece BONE Dog treats 

Most people know that Kangaroo meat is very good for humans and dogs alike. While roo clod bones are very hard and great for the big strong chewers out there, almost any dog can get a good feed of roo meat off this bone, as well as crunching the bone at the end of the meal (if their jaws are strong enough)

Roos vary each season from the breed, size, colour of meat and bones will vary from each batch.  However in 2016 the total weight of 60 kangaroo tail pieces was typically over 8 Kg

If you are after some great dog nutrition from the roo meat, and a longer chew (from the roo tail bone itself) then this bone dog treat can be the perfect option for all the right reasons.

Always supervise dogs eating bones.

Additional information

Weight9.2 kg
Dimensions15 × 15 × 20 cm

X 10, X 60