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Kangaroo Meat Balls

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Great kangaroo value for money. Crunchy bulky value

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Roo Meat Balls dog treats – AUSTRALIAN origin

These treats are made from up to 45% Kangaroo meat (and chicken – see ingredients list) and are formed with other ingredients (mostly wheat) and a vitamin and mineral mixture. 

This amazing value kangaroo dog treat is then oven dried to perfection, creating a tasty chewy irresistible small dog treat.

Reddish in colour, only a few chomps and they are gone, meaning that they are also perfect to place into dog toys or around the yard for a dog treasure hunt helping to alleviate boredom. They are also a perfect size for dog training. Or why not put them in treat balls – imagine them receiving a healthy reward for figuring out the game!?

Kangaroo Meat Balls – contains a small level of added food grade colour and naturally occurring preservative to keep them as fresh as possible.

How chewy? If you would like to see our exclusive video of a dog eating these treats please click the link (HDT dog treat videosThe ones shown in the video are beef liver balls but their size and texture are usually the same.

Ingredients: Kangaroo and chicken Meat ONLY (up to 45% meat), wheat, salt, sugar, potassium sorbate (preservative); colour (124).

This dog ROO treat is a mixture of two meats (roo & Chicken) with wheat added to assist with binding during processing. Only single ingredient Roo products like roo jerky are  100% roo meat.

Typical analysis: Protein 21%, fat 11%, salt 2.0%, fibre 0.3% 

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