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Kangaroo balls DOG TREATS – Road tested by Flex, Belgian Shepherd documented – VIDEO!

flex roo meat balls

Different dogs approach food in different ways. Initially Flex the Belgian Shepherd was very upset after his flight to Australia. For the first visit (before he was approved for the yards) I had to sit at one end of his pen and encourage him to visit me. it took about an hour before he sat next to me, and only very warily.

By about the third visit he was back to his original self, and very confident, if not a little too brash and dominant.

They were feeding Advance pellets as the regular food for dogs, and as dogs are carnivores and Advance has well below 50% meat in it, you can only imagine how excited he was at the prospect of actually eating some meat.

The owner went one step beyond this by requesting that I feed Flex roo meatballs.

The secret of meat, shame that this standard fact is so little known, is that the quality of the protein (the essential amino acids) and fats rates far above any vegetable matter or grains as far as the minimum amino acids that are required by dogs (as outlined by the American governing body affco).

At 45% meat (in 20210 , and the bulk of the meat component being from kangaroo, flex was immediately exposed to a new low allergy protein often considered the king of meats. In one bite he was automatically getting typically more than three times the meat, and the meat protein than he had experienced since landing in Australia.

To make it a little more exciting I thought I would provide a sort of treasure hunt for him. Some people love to use these kangaroo meatballs in treat balls, and that is great when you are leaving your dog at home and trying to overcome boredom or separation anxiety. But in quarantine, we typically had an hour to get our all energy, play, and feeding sorted out.

As you can see from the video, Flex enjoyed the treasure hunt and the scavenging that is a core part of how dogs in the wild feed.

You may be aware that we sell chicken, beef and roo meatballs on this site for your dogs. I hope you have enjoyed the video of Flex enjoying these kangaroo meatballs.  If you want to know the full ingredient list of this succulent and very healthy dog treat, then check out the long description button associated with the treat in the shop.

Article by Bruce Dwyer. If you wish to use any of this information please refer to the article as a reference and provide a link to

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