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Kangaroo dog treats Australia – strangely are made in Australia!

misleading kangaroo fat content claims

healthy dog treats are AFFORDABLE Aussie treats etc etc misleading kangaroo fat content claims

Its funny but some people expect because something is called a treat, that it should be either not healthy or expensive. WRONG ON Both accounts for the healthy dog treats that we sell.

That is the whole point of our shop, to be healthy and affordable!


I only started selling dog treats after I found that I was a dog walker and I could not afford dog treats for my own dog from the local pet store!

Misleading dog treat Australia information

I recently visited a pet sit client of mine and was surpassed to see another brand of dog treats in their food basket that I was supposed to give their dog.

Surprised because they didn’t think about buying mine, and surprised because of the actual treat inside of it.

They had bought the dog treat from the local vet, assuming that they needed to keep these poor souls wealthy! Yet can’t afford to have their dog walked!?  Which would actually naturally keep their dog healthy!

Here is a REAL world example. Vet treats (see label above) Kangaroo fillets  60g for $9.00.   I sell Kangaroo Jerky (100% kangaroo meat) at 80g for $5.99.  That means that their product is 15 cents per gram.  Our Bruce’s Healthy Dog Treat product is 7.5 cents per gram.    OUR PRODUCT IS HALF THE PRICE OF THE VET PRODUCT.

And here is some more information for people not aware of the Kangaroo Industry. Shooters are given a license in about 4 states of Australia. They can shoot up to a certain quota, but typically only one third to a half of the quota is filled in Australia each year.  The shooters then sell tags (each roo) to a given shed/ manufacturer that has cooling facilities near where the roos are culled.

YOU have no idea of which state, which shooter or usually which manufacturer is getting a kangaroo or even the type of roo. That is because retailers are given the product from the manufacturer after it has been cut and dried.

There is no reason on this earth, as to why YOU should pay twice the price of our product!

Healthy Dog treats myths &  fat content

My final piece of information on this topic, in this blog is that a competitor claiming 1% fat in their kangaroo fillets is either misleading, or a bad thing.

It is true that you can render fat off any animal product in the world. People are used to supermarkets selling the latest trendy low fat, low sugar, low carb products, and that is great for those who understand what they are getting and NEED that product, but it is dangerous to do so for dogs.

This is why. Dogs get energy from either Meat (protein), Fats or grains( carbs / sugars) typically.  Fat per gram is typically a ratio of 8 to 3 in the energy (kilo joules) that it provides to the person or dog eating it.

Dogs do not have a cholesterol problem like humans, but they can still get fat, by over eating or eating too much fat (as it is much higher energy per gram).

Here is the thing you should think about. Beef and Chicken is usually about 10-12 % fat in its 100% meat composition.  Even when our manufacturer blends it with wheat in our Healthy Dog treat range, the grain is usually only about 15% of the product, so the fat remains approximately 10%. 

This is the natural fat content of the animal, how your dog would consume the animal and fat if it was eating it in the wild, this is NATURAL.

Dogs need animal fat in their diet, in the right proportions, to be healthy. Fat serves many useful functions in the body, and it is different fat than plants provide.

Kangaroo meat however usually is about FOUR percent fat (4 %). That is the NATURAL fat content of the average kangaroo.

Kangaroo fats has CLA’s in it, these are very good for all animals to consume. Reducing the fat content of kangaroo that is already only about 40% of the average animal fat that a dog is likely to consume is ridiculous and probably less healthy than the natural fat content.

This is why people trust our shop and our advice on their pet treats, because we know what we are talking about regarding dog nutrition. Trust a corporate and pay the price in more ways than one if you that is your desire.


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