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Kangaroo Crinkles

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Tasty Kangaroo in a light Waffle form.


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BULK Kangaroo Crinkles dog treats AUSTRALIAN meat and made

Roo Crinkles dog treats are a big bag of waffle texture bite sized dog treats. Made from up to 85% Kangaroo (and chicken – see ingredients section) meat they are sourced from approved domestic and export game meat processors (only the best). Formed with vitamins and minerals the crinkles are then oven dried to provide a very lean meat dog treat. 

BULK Kangaroo Crinkles also contains food grade colour and for freshness it has a preservative to maintain frieshness.

Crinkles are little chunks of long chewing meat suitable for most dogs!

How chewy? If you would like to see our exclusive video of a dog eating these treats please click the link in the lower left column of this site (HDT dog treat videos)  You will actually see chicken crinkles in the clip, but with the same texture and chewing time, there is little difference to the chewing time (except the taste of course).

Ingredients: Kangaroo and chicken Meat ONLY (up to 85% meat), flour, salt, sugar, potassium sorbate (preservative); colour (124).

This dog ROO treat is a mixture of two meats (roo & Chicken) to assist with binding during processing, palatability and is up to 85% meat based. If you want 100% roo meat, then roo jerky is for you, though it is sold in a much smaller package.

Typical analysis: Protein 21%, fat 11%, salt 2.0%, fibre 0.3% 

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Weight1.15 kg
Dimensions1 × 1 × 10 cm

1 Kg, 200 g, 500 g

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