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Dog treats online & buying safely & cheaply

Pippa loving our online dog treats

Pippa loving our online dog treats Dog treats online are as safe if not safer than anywhere

If you read the benefits of buying my dog treats online on my homepage you will many statements that provide a convincing case.

The following benefits related directly to my online model and these are the specific reasons why they are so much better than any retail physical shop purchases of dog treats.


Dog Treats Online – CHEAP prices & Online shopping convenience

With everyone using their smartphone throughout the day, it makes sense to sell products where people are looking and shopping. This maximises convenience (no need to drive to the store, park and waste time browsing).

Cheap prices is merely a by-product of more efficient delivery service. Everyone loves a bargain, but most people also prefer quality dog treats for their pet. This is only possible by us buying at wholesale prices and pricing our dog treats online at one of the cheapest you will find for this brand.

We use MEAT based dog treats, so our purchase costs are the highest around, however, we know our dogs and your dogs are worth it – that is the reason we exist.

If we are not the cheapest, its because the other people are going out of business and won’t give you the customer service that we can. We are in it for the long haul.

Dog Treats Online – FREE ROO STICK On ALL Your Orders

Not only are we one of the cheapest source of high quality dog treats around (meat based) but we also offer this freebie on all orders. That cost has to come out of somewhere and it does, our margin.

You might want to figure that into your purchase decision next time you go to a physical shop and all they off you is some cheap grain based biscuits or a very cheap slice of beef liver.

These roos sticks are up to 85% meat with the main meat being Kangaroo (some chicken is added for palatability etc). I have seen these sticks sell for $2.50 or more a few years ago, so again, we always do the best for our customers !

Dog Treats Online – BULK SAVINGS, Highly affordable!

This should be self explanatory, but it’s not. You will find that many retail shops break down kilo packs into individual pieces to maximise the money per piece, not for your convenience.

It also means that very few shops sell you bulk bags of dog treats, and definitely nowhere near the price that we sell them at. Our small packs are cheaper than retail, and we super discount bulk bags even more.

Also unlike retail stores, we rarely keep any bulk treats in storage (except for the very few extremely fast moving bulk treats) so this means you get maximum freshness of your bulk dog treat bags.

Another dog treats online happy customer Dog Treats Online – Extensive range Buy exactly what your dog likes!

Very few retail pet stores or online dog treat stores offer you the breadth of range that we do for the blackdog range. They like to stock many different brands so that they can play the wholesalers off against each other and minimise the cost to themselves while maximising the cost to you.

We attempt to keep every small prepacked dog treat that black dog make on our online shop, but if we don’t, please make an enquiry.

Likewise we stock the full range of bulk meat based treats in our online store.

Even more impressive is our customer service on these products.

You will find that many raw animal products like bones, hooves, and ears only come in VERY big dog treat boxes. We are unable to store the full range of these products however if you are interested in buying a full box, we will make sure that you receive one of the best discounts around on them.

We suggest that dog breed clubs, dog training associations etc consider using their purchasing power for members and contact us to see what we can do in supplying specific raw bone treats in bulk (large boxes).

As you can see, we are all about the dog and customer service. If you can’t find it on our online store, please contact us and we will be exceedingly happy to help.

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