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Healthy Dog treats are surprisingly hard to find

healthy dog treats dogs

healthy dog treats dogs Why would healthy dog treats be so hard to find you may ask.

And what is healthy?

With the amount of misinformation in the human diet industry and the resulting confusion, it should be easy to understand that something that most people don’t think about on a daily basis is even going to be harder to define.


If you look at the packing of dog food in your local pet store, you will see that there are many different colours of attractive packaging. That there are many great stories on the packs, nutrition tables, and lists of exotic ingredients.

If you realise that most of those packs are made by only 4 or 5 manufacturers, and half of those are overseas companies, ie wholly imported products, perhaps you may realise that a monopoly isn’t going to always tell you the truth.

You might also be surprised when the premium dog pellet packets are being sold at a higher price per kilogram than you can buy meat for.

Here is a simple calculation. If grain is 80% of a packet and cost 1/10 the price per kilogram of meat. HOW can you be charged MORE than the price of meat per kilogram for that packet?

The answer is their advertising and marketing costs.

ALSO because the affco standards in America are so over the top for the vitamin and mineral content of dog food, they have to add a heap of vitamins and minerals to the pack just to reach the standard.

Did you know that some of the major companies that own dog food companies are pharmaceutical companies, giving them a cheap supply of vitamins and minerals?  Surely that is not a conspiracy.

So back to the question.

How do you find Healthy dog treats

Well that is very tricky for some people, because most dog treats you find in super markets are made by those same monopolies that sell over priced dog food to you. They are the ones who win the shelf space from Coles and Woolworths.

The problem with this is that if these companies can’t be bothered putting the very important ingredient meat in their dog food, they sure as hell aren’t going to put it in dog treats unless it is very cheap meat, or offal or expensive.

You will also not that the nutrition information required on dog treat packets is much less than on dog food, letting them right off the hook.

All these things coincide to make the perfect storm of poor quality non meat dog treat products you usually pick up for convenience and trust from your supermarket. Sure they will have lot of pig skin chews (very little nutritional value, and beef liver (cheap offal) but quality 100% beef, kangaroo or chicken are almost always missing from the shelves.

That is actually good for me, Bruces Healthy dog treats because that is why I sell 100% meat based dog treats, and the rest that are 85%. I know how important meat is for a carnivore species (dog) that has been forced to eat grain for generations. No dogs don’t evolve that fast to become efficient at eating grain (just because supermarkets can make a dollar by selling it), they just work overtime and don’t extract as much nutrition as they can.

Deficits in quality amino acids (protein) are one of the main hidden health issues your dog will ever encounter. Don’t be fooled by the corporations making a profit for their share holders, their treats are NOT healthy, if they are low in quality meat.


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