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Buy Cheap Puppy Treats in Australia

puppy-dog-treats puppy dog husky

puppy-dog-treats puppy dog husky The short answer is anything you hurriedly shove in your trolley at the super market.  Sure they will make your dog go ‘crazy’, but what about treats that are actually healthy for a developing dog?

What we recommend for your puppy treats

In full detail, we will list important details below. But basically counter to “dog food” maker advice, we recommend meat and meat based dog treats that provide bioavailable essential amino acids from meat protein, and dog treats that encourage chewing for developing teeth.

Dog food manufacturers recommend

Their own product and exclusively using it for at least the first year of your puppy’s life. This will deaden its taste buds and reinforce it thinking grain is ideal dog food.

Best Puppy treats –  Why you want diversity & meat based.

If you have had a casual read of our blog section, this site is based on providing meat cost effectively to you and your dog. It’s about dog food not having much meat and often low quality meat. TVP (pink soy) disguised as meat in wet food etc.

MEAT diversity is also very important to your dog not only to get a good spread of nutrients but also to BROADEN their taste buds. The first year of life is a critical time for dogs to learn to eat healthy and to recognise meat as natural dog food.  You are unlikely to get any dog food where meat it the major ingredient, so mixing it up with varied animal species in dog treats is the best way to supplement your puppy’s food.

Treats for Puppies – the  guide

Like any professional will tell you, supervise your dog while eating solid foods and dog treats for the first time.  You never know how much they will attempt to fit into their mouths.

Some of the worst offenders are the puppies that are going to grow into large powerful breed dogs, that will have strong jaws. Some of these puppies will try overzealously to crack bones and very hard treats like cow hooves. We suggest the following:


These are ideal for all dogs.  Young, old and any breed. If a dog treat is a high meat percentage (ours are over 80% with many being 100% meat). Then any dog can eat any soft treat from us – unless they have a proven allergy to a specific meat.

Just make sure you adjust the amount of dog food you feed your dog so not to make your puppy too fat.

Almost any dog treat mixed with a minor share of grain will be soft enough for most puppies. That is because the meat is usually shredded then mixed with grain to from a glue type of mixture – much like how they make dog food pellets. Except that our dog treats that have grain are often THREE times higher in meat.

You can select any of the crinkles, meatballs or nuggets we sell. They have a similar toughness for chewing, but the sticks are the absolute softest of the treats for the very young puppies with soft jaws.


The next set of puppy treats include the 100% jerky ranges.  From kangaroo, beef, chicken, duck and an assortment of fish.  These keep a dogs chewing sorted while strengthening their jaws and not being eaten too quickly.

Roo tendons and shark cartilage are able to be chewed and eaten slowly by most puppies with things like beef tendons, bully sticks and cow hooves only for the biggest chewers out there.  But these last few are so hard that supervision is often suggested just in case a puppy bites off more than it can swallow.

PUPPIES and dog bone treats

We sell an extensive range of dog treat bones ranging from moderately soft to very hard. They are all big bones (not small dangerous ones) and dried to perfection (right level of moisture content).

People with dogs that demolish all of the above dog treats very fast will sometimes opt for bones for puppies. Supervision is always recommended, but if you are really concerned then buy the biggest bone so that they are unlikely to chip any bone off it might be the best solution – the beef bones tend to be the biggest.

If you are after a puppy getting actual meat off the bone as well, then we suggest roo tail pieces or lamb necks. But be aware that these bones have smaller bone sections that many dogs can easily chew off.

Stomach gurgling and adjustments

Puppies are often weaned from their mother when they are between 8 and 12 weeks. They go from mother’s milk with a perfect balanced nutrition to wheat or grain based dog food with low meat levels. This is like selling puppies into corporate slavery for life.

If you want your dog to be balanced, happy and have a natural spectrum of nutrition available to them, then introducing them to meat in addition to their ‘regular’ commercial dog food or meat based dog treats is essential.

Because most people have concerns about what can go wrong with puppies, they often go for the “safe” option of feeding only very soft wet and grain dog food and hard plastic toys.

You now have the option of doing something different with your puppy. Something much better.

Consult your vet as needed, supervise as much as you can, and ride through and tummy gurgles as your puppy begins eating meat – the most natural dog food ever.

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