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Pigs Ears Dog Treats

pigs-ears dog treats

pigs-ears dog treats You are either a pigspigs ear dog treat fan or you are not.

By fan, I mean that this dog treat serves a great purpose for your dog.

Do you know that there are many purposes for pig’s ear dog treats that my clients use?

And they use us because we are reliable quality and genuine care for dogs – we are not just a random online dog clearance store.

Below you will find the many reasons for giving your dogs pigs ears, and how to buy some very competitively priced pigs ear dog treats from us!

You can either buy in smaller packs or packs of TEN for bulk savings.

Buy cheap pigs ears now !

If you regularly buy pigs ears, you will already know your reason why you go back to the same store/ online shop. But like the rest of the dog treats we sell, we sell them for a reason of best treats at low prices – but here are some of the specific best reasons for buying pigs ears dog treats.

1              Long chewing time

This is the major one that pigs ears are available in every dog food store and supermarket. There are many other long chewing dog treats that we could tempt you with that have less fat, however people like to stick with what they know.

2              Relatively cheap price

Pigs ears are a delicacy for many people in Asian countries, and that is what has been driving the price up in Australia over the last decade as those countries get more affluent. However, for the price per gram, pigs ears still provide a very good long chewing option for dogs

3              Helping maintain dog weight

Some people struggle with keeping weight on their dog.  If you are not one of these, you might be interested in our fish skin dog treats, or roo tendons.  However, if you have a very active hunting dog or a young dog with a fast metabolism, you may struggle to keep enough weight on your dog. And pigs ears are a perfect combination of long chewing and saturated animal fats

4              It’s a genuine 100% animal product no additives

A few dog treat products from other companies have appeared on the caution or banned list of late.  These are things like rawhide and artificial compressed vegetable matter objects. While we have a few composite treats, they are 80% meat with minimum additives mostly to bind the meat and wheat together. Our 100% meat dog treats like pigs ears are 100% meat and dried, that is all.


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