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Charcoal Dog Biscuits as Dog Treats

beef-charcoal-biscuit for dogs

beef-charcoal-biscuit for dogs Homemade grain free dog treats

As stupid as this sounds, there are people out there wanting homemade grain free dog treats for their dogs.  The reason as you will soon see for the foolishness of this suggestion is that OUR non-homemade dog treats are healthier and cheaper than most people can make even with a lot of effort.

Besides the buying of ingredients (see list below) and getting the right mixture for dog health and taste, there is a lot of mess involved and short shelf life for homemade dog treats.

The other question most people fail to ask themselves is why do you want grain free when commercial dog food usually has 70% grain in it. If it doesn’t have that, it still often has 70% carbs by way of vegetables.

A cursory glance at domestic dog evolution will tell you that they are at least 90% carnivore so why bother with grain free unless your dog treats are grain and vegetable-free too?

If you are a raw feeder, you will know the answer to this is that you already feed your dog mostly meat, and you want your dog treats to match. Well for the above reasons its always safest to buy grain free dog treats online from us, and forget all that wasteful mess at home.

BELOW is a link to ALL of our Dog treat categories on one page:

Buy Healthy Dog Treats- Premium Bigga Biscuits 5-kg

Charcoal dog biscuits recipe

This is another great click bait item I see on the search engines. If you bother to visit hundreds of sites you will see that they are pretty much peddling the same kind of simple homely advice.

Again you can make wheat biscuits for your dog that are mostly suitable to humans and provide nothing but calories to your dog, or you can try one of our extensive biscuit range.

Below I show you what blackdog biscuits mostly have in them – check out each individual description if you want to know exactly what you get for the ever specific biscuit. What you will see is that while they have wheat as the major ingredient (like dog food) it is WHOLEGRAIN (the most natural version).

If you want to buy nutritious dog biscuits see our Regular size or BULK dog biscuits below:

Next in the ingredients list is Tallow or animal fat (good to have animal products for a carnivore dog). The third ingredient is typically the name of the biscuit flavour. However in the case of things like beef, chicken, cheese and charcoal, they put REAL ingredients in, not just fake flavours like many competitor dog treat biscuits.

Sugar and salt are added in small amounts for flavour (as the most dog treat companies do). Calcium Carbonate adds calcium for the dog and can act as an anti-caking component to keep the biscuit from being lumpy).

Homemade dog biscuits recipes often don’t include flaxseed (for Omega 3) or garlic powder (to prevent fleas).  Our biscuits also have ‘vitamins and minerals’ in them such as A and D so that your dog will not be deficient in these if you give biscuits as dog treats to replace part of a dogs main meal.

OUR TYPICAL biscuit ingredients:   Whole grain wheat, tallow, (major ‘flavour ingredient’)  sugar, salt, calcium carbonate, flaxseed meal, garlic powder, vitamins and minerals, colour.

We sell many biscuits either in Regular size  packs or 5 Kg bulk saving biscuits:

Buy dog biscuits now Double Cheese Bacon Blackdog Biscuit

homemade dog treats for sale

The next time you look up or click on an article that says ‘homemade dog treats for sale‘  just remember all the effort you are going to go to make these biscuits or jerkies or whatever often unnecessary vegetable creation,  and how inferior the type of ingredients will be for your dog.

Experienced dog treat companies know what they have to put in a wheat based dog treat, or in the case of jerkies how to dry them to perfection to reduce spoilage.  That is what their business is.

Wheat based treats have extra nutrition ingredients in them (not fillers) while jerkies have ONLY MEAT in them. That is the rule of thumb for Healthy Dog treats, either by recipe / home made or shop bought !

Its great to have a hobby, but homemade SHOULD always be better than ‘shop bought’. if its not, what is the point?

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