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Kangaroo Dog Treat


kangaroo-meat-dog-treat Have you tried kangaroo dog treats lately?

Here are three main reasons why you might like to rethink your dog food/ dog treat strategy

Kangaroo jerky dog treats

This is truly globally the king of meats. So low in fats and the fats that are in it are the healthiest on earth.

Kangaroo jerky dog treats are a great chew for most dogs, helping to clean your dog’s teeth. You could, of course, try unnatural compressed vegetable matter from a large corporation or you could use NATURAL meat.

I am amazed that as Australians we are not loading up our own plates with this amazing meat we are blessed to have exclusively in our own country  Some people don’t like the ‘gamey-ness of the taste, but that is precisely why most dogs love to have this ‘exotic’ tasting meat.

If you are interested in trying the world’s best meat dog treat ie kangaroo jerky dog treats

there are two options below. Kangaroo Jerky Small pack or Kilogram (BULK)!

Buy Kangaroo Sticks Dog Treat Bulk BULK Kangaroo Cartilage

kangaroo tail dog chew

This is probably one of the best kept secrets in Australia.  Many people buy beef, lamb or pork bones because we think in terms of what meat we regularly farm and consume. And that is fine, but if you want variety in your dog’s diet, then kangaroo bones have to come into consideration.

Now some people just like thick hard bones that will fascinate or occupy a dog for hours, and again that is a specific purpose. However if you want a very meaty bone, that is low in fat and is extraordinarily economical (well if you buy from us) then you can’t beat the Kangaroo tail dog chew/ treats.

The bonus for this dog bone of course is that you get a lot of meat on it as well as the bone afterwards. Lots of great angles for a dog to figure out how to access it and help clean the edges of their teeth. BUT big enough bones not to present a hazard for the vast majority of dogs.

kangaroo dog food for allergies

Hypo allergenic is what a lot of dog foods say they are, but if they contain grains or veggies you are just throwing money at the cheap stuff.

Kangaroo meat is so hypo allergenic that it is usually the number one meat used by vets in exclusion diets. That means that the likelihood of a dog being allergic to it, and having a bad reaction is almost nil.

it is also organic and one of the safest (hypo-allergenic) meats you will find anywhere. Any reaction such as soft stools tend to be very temporary and is just a dog adjusting to a high meat content that it was born to eat.

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