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Chicken Healthy Dog Treats


Chicken-Healthy-Dog-Treats Did you know that Chicken Healthy Dog Treats exist?

But first I should explain a couple of points about this.  Chicken is one of the most common and universal meats used in dog food because it is a cheap relatively ‘clean’ meat.  If your dog eats commercial dog food there is a strong chance there is chicken somewhere in their diet.

Dog food allergies are relatively rare, and unless your vet has given your dog an exclusion diet that you have religiously stuck with to resolve the culprit food ingredient, then the chicken is most likely fine for your dog to eat.

Point TWO – and it’s a BIG ONE. Many chicken dog treats include a low amount of chicken like dog food (ie around 30%). Even OUR ‘grain’ dog treats include up to EIGHTY (80%) chicken meat!

Here is your incredible Chicken Healthy Dog Treat options Regular and BULK :

Buy Healthy Chicken Dog Treats - Chicken Filled Pork Twist Buy Bulk Healthy Chicken Dog Treats-  Chicken Crinkles

We call any of our chicken treats Chicken Healthy Dog Treats because they are either 80% or 100%. All you need to do is work out the percentage, texture size etc that you want. We are sure we have something for every dog!

Healthiest dog treats

Yes, it is true that meat-based dog treats are the healthiest for your dog. That is why we went into the business of selling dog treats!

If your dog is on a regular grain or commercial dog food diet, then any high meat dog treat is a bonus for them. The meat is purely your choice.

The reason why so many people choose chicken dog treats is that they like to play it safe. They ‘know’ that their dog already likes chicken (either because of the dog food or chicken scarps they have given their dog.  They don’t want to buy a treat that might be wasted. They know their dog doesn’t have a bad reaction to chicken.

Natural dog treats

This might be the most controversial thing you have read all day.  But meat is natural for a dog, and grain and vegetables are not.  Natural in this case means what they were evolved to eat, and the food they would prefer in the wild.

Just because you have fed your dog vegetables and because they eat grain in commercial dog food does not make it natural.  It means that most dogs can tolerate non meat food, but they can’t make the most use out of the proteins from other non meat foods.

Natural means that their high acid stomach and short intestine was evolved to eat meat. To strip the proteins down fast and make the most use of them (meat is highly bio available to your dog). Why not buy treats that are as healthy or more healthy for your dog, than bulk dog food is?

Natural dog treats are meat based and the higher the percentage of good meat the better. Often that means paying a lot more for a dog treat, but not with our shop – Healthy Dog Treats!

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