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BEEF Bulk Blackdog biscuit treat 4.9Kg

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What dog doesn’t love beef?


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Beef Biscuits (BlackDog Premium) made in MELBOURNE

These are a real treat for ANY dog. While many dog foods have pictures and claims of real meat in their products, the percentage of meat (particularly beef) is often quite low. And that is precisely why if you are going to feed your dog a dog treat biscuit, you should consider one from a company you can trust and a product that is going to actually have BEEF in it.

Yes these beef dog biscuits are tasty as anything, and crunchy, and help clean teeth, but they also have some great added nutritional components such as: omega 3 &  6 Essential fatty acids, antioxidants, garlic, and are LOW in salt & sugar.


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Weight4.95 kg
Dimensions38 × 19 × 21 cm
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